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Knights Templar Devotions

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Ann Arbor Cornniandery, JNo. la, K. T., in aocordanoe with the tenets of :he order, appropriately obaerved Easter Sunday by attending divine service at 3t. Luke's Episoopal chnreh, Ypsilauti, in the evening. The Ann Arbor Sir Knights chartered a special motor and aocompanied by many of their ladies went down to Ypsilanti,being met tbeie by the Templars residing in that city. Pifty-two awords were iu line and the sceue as tbey marched into the church headed by the vested choir ginging the prooessional hymn, "Onward, Christian soldiers" was quite an iruposing oue. The sir kinghts were given seats in the front part of the oliurch, whioh was quickly fllled by the large number of people auxious to attend the services, many having to be turned away. After evening prayer bad been said, the rector, Kev. W. Qardam gave an eloquent sermón taking for nis text Acts ii, 22-24. In the latter part of his discourse Mr. Gardam addressed the following words to his fraters: "And now, my daar brothers of the ancient and historie order of the Knights of the Templar, it is my privlege, and I gladly say to you, it is my privilege to address you in the olose ties of a conjmon responsibility and interest. Your historie order is committed in every detail and principie of its teacbings and ritual to the upholding aud vindication of this great hope and truth of human life. Yon are here booause a dispensation bas been couamited to you to stand firm for the two pillars of the faith - 'Jesus aud the Resurreotion.' All your past history, from the glorious euterprises of whicb the crusaders are a splendid illustration, ties you to a definite positivo maintenance of the faith of the gospel. The gospel of Jeeus is the raisou ri' etre of Templarisra. As the other evening it was my privilege to take the obligations of yoar order, I feit as a Christian priest, how trauscendently beautiful, how sublimely solemn, every teaching, every word, every sentiment of Templarism was. It was a revelation to me and all that the church is to me is brougbt to my heart with new beuuty and fervor. A fine Knight Templar is a true Christian - must be - for Templarism means the ohurch. It hae ever been the handmaid, the auxiliary of the chureb. It is not the church, it is true, bot its ally, its defender, its exponent. Every Knight Templar, by the logic of his order and position, recognizes, vindicates, enters the church of God. Our danger is that we should not see this relationship, that the logic of your obligations should f'ail to carry you far enough and that we should remain outside the chnreh door. Our place is within, and that because we are Knights Teuuplar. "My brotbers, Sir Knights, I pray for the choicest gif ta aud blessings of onr common loving Father, upon your Commandery, upou every member of the same 'in his vocatiou aud minietry, ' and I pray eaoh of us may go forwurd and take onr place and do oor full ciuty in the great army of our loviug Captain, until in His loving wisdom He shall cali us to the bigher service of the other home." At the conclusión of the service the commandery was lined up on each side of the centre aisle faoing inwards and the recessional of the choir and rector was made uuder an "arch of steel" formed by the sir kuights nrossing tneir swords above their heads. The sir knights and their ladies then adjourned to the parish house where light refresbments had been prepared for them by the ladies of the parish. The Ann Arbor contingent retnrued home ou the 9 :30 motor. The following are the names of those who were in line: Commander Jas. R. Bach, Captain General Roas Gianger, Freíate M. M. Read, Standard Bearei Charies Stevens, Past Co mm anders P. W. Carpenter, C. E. Hiscock, A. O. Nichols, B. F. Watts, W. W. Watts, L. C. Goodrich; Sir iuights Gueiin, E. H. Eberbach, Jno. W. Bennett, F. K. Owen, Pack, J. B. Colvan, O. AI. Martin, E. V. Jangsterfer, L. A. Blake, Johu H. ïlake, Geo. B. Rhead, Gage, Geo. F. iey, Ferrier, Fletcber, Soper, A. A. eaison, Fleming Carrow, E. F. Johnson, Wm. F. Rehfuss, Fred. H. Howlett, Geo. H. Blum, W. A. ClarU, Wagner, S. Cramer, Cornwell, Kief, Alban, Bemis, Cole, T. W. Towner, Smith, E. Tbompsou, Vroman, Sweet, Flowers, Stone, H. M. Wood, W. S. Carpenter, J. H. Woodrnan, J. R. Liesenring, Post, H. R. Scovill.


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