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Zenas Sweet has tendered bis resignation as deputy sheriff tö take effect May 1. Barney Morrison has been awarded the contract for paving the gutter aloug Hanover Square. Patrolmen Collius, O'Mara, Armbruster and Isbell will still oonstitute the oity pólice forcé under Marshal Sweet. At the annual meeting of the state whist league held at Grand Rapids Wednesday eveniug, C. W. Hogers, of Ypsilanti, was elected secretary. The Oddfellows of the city will attend divine service iu a body at the Churcb of Christ, on S. University ave., Sanday rnorning at 10:30. A strenuoas effort is being made towards securing the construction of a bicycle path frota this city co Whitmore Lake. It would be a good thing to have. Mr. Eugene A. Wines, of this city, and Miss Eva May Blades, of Pettysville, were married Tuesday evening by Rev. B. L. McElory, pastor of the First M. E. church. Wm. Larkins, Edward Lyons and Rupert Jones, the Richards' murder suspects, are contemplating asking for a change of venue in their trial to the Wayne oounty circuit court. Petitions are being circulated in Ypsilanti asking for the passage of a ourfew ordinance which will oblige all children unaccompanied by parents or guardians to be at home and off the streets by 8 o'clock p. m. Chauncey Dugdale, a drayman, paid $5 fine and $4.70 costs in Justice Pond's court Wednesday morning for fast driving. He bore a severe wound from a pitchfork on his head which he had reaeived in a scrap with another drayruan just befcre he was arrested. Died - April 15, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Martin Lawson, 119 Milwaukee ave. east, Detroit, Ernestine C, wife of the late J. M. Bour and rnother of Mrs. Dr. La Ferte, Mrs. Walter Potter, of Detroit and J. M. Bour, Toledo. The deceased lady was well known to many residents of this city. Governor Pingree and Wellington R. Burt, president of the Ann Árbor Railway, had a lively discussion on the subject of railroads ín the Cook house barber shop, Tuesday afternoon. Neither one succeeded in convincing the other that he was right and so they partod. The disoussion was highly auiusing to those who heard it. The Easter ball given by Arbor Tent, No. 296, K. O. T. M., at Maocabee hall, on Monday evening, was well attendpd and those present enjoyed a pleasiuy program of round and set dances to tnusic furnished by the Cbequamegon orchestra from 8 :30 until 1 a. m. During the evening light refreshmeuts were served in the dining room. The Lyra Singing Society will give oue of its popular concerts in tbe Lyra hall, Thursday evening, May 6. An excellent program of solos, quartets, choruses, etc, is being prepared for tbe occasion. The Aun Arbor orchestra will furnish the instrumental music After the ooncert dancing will be in order. The price of the tickets bas been flxed at 25 cents each. The reception given by Mrs. J. V. Sheehan to her lady friends at her home on E. Huron st. , is said to have been oue of tbe nicest entertaiuments of the kind that has been given in many a day. The house was haudsomely decoiated with tulips, naroissus and other flowers and the tables were models of elegant taste. Music was furnisbed during the afternoon by the University orchestra. The catering was done by Hangsterfer. The troubled waters of the Cleary Business College, Ypsilanti, have been bridged over by the subscriptions made by the business men of that oity and the board of managers bas been reorganized. The college has been in a bad way finanoially niñee the building was destroyed by the cyolone, bnt those who have backed the institution have all along feit the utmost oonfidence in its money earning capacities and it is hoped that the fature of the school will merit this confidence. George W. Seybold, the wagon maker, on S. Fourth ave., bas just completed for C. E. Godfrey the heaviest trucking wagon ever built in this city. lts tires are eight inohes wide and three-fourths of an inch thick and tbey weigh 800 pounds. The bubs are 14x18 inches with a 6J skein. The wagon has a reach of 16 feet and is built without bolts, clipped throughout in order to save all the strength. The total weight of the wagon is 2,200 poands and it will carry a load of 80 tons. B. Frank Bower has returned to his oíd love and has purchased the Clsveland World which ha i been in the hands of a reoeiver since last fall. In 1893 Mr. Bower took hold of the management of the World, it then having a circulation of less than 2,000. He raised its standard until it had 45,000 snbscribers when it was sold and Mr. Bower went to Cinoinnati as business manager of the Tribune. Tbe Argns trusts that the World will again move on in prosperity uuder Mr. Bower's direction. Mrs. Fannie Schimerhoru, of 63 N. Fourth ave., is again iu trouble. Her neighbor, Mrs. Archie Miller, complains that Mrs. S. threw stones at her. The case was brought up in Justice Gibson's court yesterday afternoon and the hearing was set for Tuesday. A similar case between the same parties which was tried before tbe justice last fall and carried to the circuit is still on the docket there, it baving been put over on account of the sickness of the late G. W. Simth, Mrs. Sobimerhorn's attorney.