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Real Estate Transfers

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The following are the transfers of real estáte that have been reoorded in the offloe of the register of deeds sinoe May 1, 1897: Franklin Spafard and wife to John Braun, Manchester, $1,500. Alma M. Cunningham to Maiy E. Wileon, Ann Arbor, $3,250. Angeline Burkhart to Samuel Mohrlock and wife, Chelsea, $50. David Rinsey and wife to Daniel C. Haas, Ann Arbor, $1,800. Spencer M. Case and wife, by sheriff, to The People's National Bank, Manchester, $695.00. Joseph F. Webb, by circuit conrt commissioner, to Clara Kirby, Saline, 500. Gottlieb Paul and wife to Robert Mahrle, Alanchsster, $2,500. C. J. Barlow, by executor, to Charles Cox, Aogusta, $1,000. Stephen Cox to James G. Cox, Augusta, $700. Samuel Smith et al. to Emily C. Donahue, Ann Arbor, $1. George M. Clarken and wife to George M. Hawes and wife, Ann Arbor, $750. David Thomas, by heirs, to Frederok Richard, Chelsea, $1,500. Charles M. Miller and wife to F. E. and Ida F. Buck, Saline, $900. Albert M. Clark to Frank E. Jones, Lodi, $420 85. Charles Burkhart and wife to Katharine C. Burkbart, Saline, $1. Katharine C. Bnrkhart to Chas. Bnrkhart and wife. Saline, $1. George W. Hall and wife to Cbas. H. Miller, Lodi, $1,800. Augustus Savage, by administrator, to Arthor Nowland, Ann Arbor, $2,050. Arthur Nowland and wife to Henry Kooh, guardián, Ann Arbor, $550. Martin Haller et al. to Frederick Heusel et al., Ann Arbor, $4,000. Parris S. Banfield and wife to Matilda L. Perrma et al., Ann Arbor, $1. Michael Pneskard and wife to Ida Pulcipher, Ann Arbor, $1. Ida Pulcipher to Micbael and Huirla Prieskard, Ann Arbor, $1. Nettie J. Wiard to Mead E. Wiard, Ypsilanti, $1. Anton Armbruster, et al. to Henry R. and Benjamin Armbruster, Scio, $1. Addie Neithamrner to Henry Armbruster, Soio, $600. Samnel P Brey to Bert Brey, Pittsfield, $2,500. Josepb Kremer et al. to John Kremer, Freedom, $250. John Kremer et al. to Joseph Kremer, Bridgewater, $80. Abraham B. Wines to Juliet Wines, Ann Arbor, $700. Auditor General to Wood & Thoruan, Ann Arbor, $7.44. Same to same, Ypsilanti, $$5.23. Mary Salteria, by sheriff, to Edwin R. Smith, Bridgewater, $1,751.40. Maria B. Gilbert to Henry O. Severance, Ann Arbor, $3,000. Arthur L. Wilkinson and wife to Wüliam Dorow, Ann Arbor, $1,400. Spring Lake loe Co. to C. S. Ashley, Northfield, $1. Charles S. Ashley to John C. Carland, Northfield, $1. Nathan B. Devraux. deoeased, to Emma R. Devraux et al., will. Harriet Hudson to Ida Adele Hudson, Lyndon, $700. Hiram Welch, by executor, to Albert Westphall aud wife, Bridgewater, $3,500. Auditor-General to Archibald McNico), Ypsilanti, $48. Frank Ostrander to Albert J. Webster, Ypsilanti, $100. John C. Harper to Julia E. Ganntlett, York, $225. Christian Helber and wife to Ann Arbor Water Co., Ann Arbor, $75. Nellie L. Tyler to same, Ann Arbor, $75. August DeFries and wife to Francis M. Hamilton, Anu Arbor, $500. John W. Keating, by circuit court commissioner, to Franklin C. Parker, Ann Arbor, $1400. Olivia B. Hall to Ella M. Hall, Ann Arbor, $1,200.