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O. M. Martin has given $100 to the Y. M. C. A. building íuud, which now í unoints to 3,400. Tho contract for bnildiug tbe foundatiou of the nnrth sida ohuroh has been awarded to Koch Bros. The state military encampmeut wil! be held at the old camp grounds at Islaud Lake, Aug. 3 to 9 inclusive. A special presentador! of medals to those entitled to them will take place at the Light Infantry armory Monday evening. Laat Friday a club of Y. M. C. A. boys contributed $100 to the building fund of the association, which now aruonnts to $3,500. The Sunday train on the Aun Arbor Railroad which leaves here at 9 :15 a. m. runs throngh to Eowell this year instead of layiug all day at Hambuig Jnnotion as in former years. The Modern Woodtnen of Ann Arbor have leased the third floor of the Haugsterfer block, corner S. Main and W. Washington sts., from J. D. Ryau anc it will be fitted for the use of the order and its aaxiliary the Royal Neighbors. The phenomenai growth of the two orders has made this action imperative. The tax title man has got in his work on Iota of Ypsilanti property. Through negligenoe on the part of sorue of the former or present bolders to property notice has been served on Ira S. Davis, Joseph Meyers, Lee N. Brown, John Terns, the owner of the Corey block, and others that clear titles to some of their properties are in dauger. - Times. At the annual meeting of the Ann Arbor Humane Societv held at Harris hall J. J. Goodyear was elected presi dent, B. A. Finney secietary, and Mrs, Anna Baoh treasurer. A vioe president was also ohosen for each of the sevet wards of the city. Two offioers of tht society were also ohosen, Marshal Zenai Swtet and ex-Marshal M. C. Peterson. Mr. and Mrs. Jas. W. Robison were surprised by a party of 30 of theii frieods on Tuesday evening, it bein the 12th anniversary of their wedding, Progressive pedro served as the amusement to pass away the eveniug, the firsl prize beiug won by Mis. Arthnr Brown, and the "booby" prize by Mrs. H. A. Williams. A jolly good time was had by all. Report has it that a new wheat pesl has been discovered in southern Michigan that bids fair to do great damage te the erop of 1897. It is a very smal] worm which does its deadly work by boring holes in the roots of the plant. It is doing considerable damage to the wheat in many localities in uorthern Indiana and Illinois, lts appearance is parlier thau the cbinch bug or Hfissian fíy, and it does ita destructivo work more thoroughly taan eitber. The order of tbings at Whitmore Lake for the Fourth of July will be ohanged somewhat this year. There will be tbe usual picnic and celebration, but in place of its being held under the auspices of St. Patrick's church, Northfleld, it will be held under the auspices of St. Thomas' church, Ann Arbor, and will be for the benefit of the building fond of the new church. Further particulars of the celebration, to which all are iuvited will be given later. The date will be Monday, July 5. From the catalogue of the University School of Music for 1896-7, which bas jnst been issned, it appears that the student membership has been 170, a sligbt inotease over last year. Two chauges in the faculty will be made this year. In the vocal department Miss Alice E Bailey, who was here in 1893-4, will again take up a positiou. In the piauo departmnet Miss Einma White will give place tn Miss Etnma Fisoher. During the first semester Mr. Qardner S. Lamson will be absent in Europe. Ouly 14 out of 58 homeopathie physioians resident in Detroit gathered at the "niass" meeting held at Grace hospital, Wednesday evening, to discuss the question of the removal of the homeopathie department of the univerdty to Detroit. Eaoh of the 58 had been notified to be in attendauce, but 3Dly 14 responded. The great interest tvbioh it bas been said existed in the mindB of homeopathists to see the renoval made seems to exist mainly in ;he minds of a few who expect to be aeneflted in the way of a professorship nd not in the rank and file of the pro'ession.