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Death Of Thomas Kearney

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Thotnas Kearney, the father of exProsecuting Attorney Thomas D. Kearney, died very saddenly of heart failnre at his home No. 4 Forest ave., in this city, yesterday morning. He had been in faiiing health for a year or more, hut his condition was not considered espeoially dangerous. He was on the streets in his nsnal health on Wednesday and the many persons with whoru he conversed on that day and the friends who have been aooustomed to see each moruing bis familiar form, his pleasaut faoe and receive his friendly greeting were greatly shocked to hear of his sadden deatb. Mr. Kearney was 72 yeare of age. He was bom in Tipperary County, Iieland. In 1840 bis entire family, oonsisting of father, mother, five brothers aud three Bisters, left Ireland and setled in Webster in this county, where the parents and two brothers are buried. In the early days of the gold excitement, abont 1851, Mr. Kearney and James Duffy, whose sister, Catherine Mr. Kearney afterwards married, went to California. Mr. Dnffy acquired a fortune and distinction in California and died there a few years ago. After about four years, Mr. Kearney returned and with the small fortune which he had made there by working in the mines he pnrchased the farm in Northfild which he still owns. Abont four years ago Mr. Kearney moved to this city where he has eince resided. He leaves five cbildren, Julia, the wife of Con Tuomey, two sons, Thomas D. and John, and two daughters, Mary and Kate, who were living with their father at the time of his deatb. Mr. Kearney was tbe soul of truthfulness, integrity aud honor. His word was as good as his bond. Money bas been put into his hands by candidates for office to be expended for their benefit and to their amazement, retnrned after the election. Candidatos for office kuow very well that mouev placed in tbe bands of a persou for such a purpose is rarely seen again. Thomas Kearney was a faithful friend and bis friendship never bore a money price. His California experienoe demoustrated well the solid uprightness of his oharacter. Going there in au early day when tbere were scaroely any legal or social restraiuts and when temptatioDs for gambling, drinkiug and otber vices were simply tremendous, he withstood theru all and came home upright, selfrespecting and clean, to ruarry the girl of his choioe. He was a kind husband. He was an affectionate fatber. He was an obliging neigbbor. His inemory will be held as a sacred inheritance by his cbildren and uany fiiends not connected to him by ties of blood will drop a tear at his grave.