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It is not likely that the homeopathie department of the University of Micghigan will be removed from Aan Arbor to Detroit yet awhile to judge by the aotion of the senate on "Wednesday evening, as at that time in spite of the strenuous efforts pot forth by Senator Mason, who fathers - the bi 11, ably secouded by the senators frora Wayne county and others, the bill was defeated by a vote of 15 to JO. The bill caine np on the general order in the senate Wednesday afternoou. After an amendruent had been voted down to substituto Gladstone, the home of Senator Masón, for Detroit, as the place to whioh the department should be removed, Senator Campbell moved to strike out all after the enacting clause. He clairned the bill was being pushed for personal reasons ont of spite, referring to tbe interest manifested in the matter by Dr, JVIacLachlan, of Detriot, who stepped out of the nniversity faculty, together witb Dr. Obetz. He contended that the removal of any department of the universty rneant the disintegratiou of thegreat institution of learning. Senator Mason said tbe homeopathie department had always been discriminated agaiust at the nniverstiy, and he maintained that the attendance of the departmeut would be increased five-fold ïf the removal were to be made. fcjenator Loomis said the legislature had no business to iuterfere with the regen ts' oonduot of the university. He opposed the measure on "general principies," as he expressed it, and he had employed a homeopathie, physioian in his fatnily for 20 years, too. Tbe departiaent removal amendment is tacked on as a rider to the law, providing the one-sixth of a mili tas for the benefit oí the university and linked with it is the provisiou that the regenta should carry out the mandates of the legislaturí legarding removal or secure for university benefit ouly such relief as would be obtained by a tax of one-twentieth oi a mili. Senator Loomis depreeatec this linking of gift and threat and was warmly applauded for his remarks. Senator Thompson made a strong plea for the passage of the bill. Hè expressed himself as one of the firmesl friends which the university possessed. He regarded its teaohings necessary foi the putting down of socialism, whicfc he declared was rampant in the stati and was being fostered by those in bigt authority. He said the homeopaths hac been treated with unfairness, neglect, conturnely and coutempt and the onlj way to correct this was a tightening of the purse-strings. He mentionec the offer of Senator James MoMillan, Dexter M. Ferry and other Detroit cit izeus of a suitable site for the depart ment in the event of removal. Senator Colemau was against remova' and Senator Moore for it. No aotior was taken. At the night session the senators did lots more talking over the bill. Senator Maaon was very bitter in hia remarks in favor of its passage. Senators Holmes, Lawrenoe, Mndge, Hnghes and Thompson also talked for renioval. The diecussion carne to an end affcer Senator Mason had made the statement hat tbere were men on the board of regents of whoni the people shonld be rid, and that there bad been much opposition to the nomination of Regent Barbonr at the spring convention becanse of bis stand in the removal matter. The bill was then pnt on its passage and was defeated by the following vote : Nays - Barnard, Barnnm, Bostwick, Campbell, Coleman, Covell, Jibb, Loomis, Maitland, Merrimau, Robinson, Savidge, Teeple, Waguer.Youmans - lö. Yeas - fladsall, Holmes, Hughes, Lawrence, Mason, JVIoore, Mudge, Thompson, Westcott, president pro tem - 10.


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