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The Manchester cheese faitory borua coru cobs for fuel. John Kotts basrentedthe Frank Merlithew farm in Sharon. % Ira Walker is building a new house 011 nis farm in South Salem. There were 346 pupils enrolled in the Manchester schools last month. Milk from within half a rnile of Chelsea is collected and taken to the Manchester creamery. Prospective visitors to Whitmore Lake are looking up grounds on which to build sumrner cottages. Dick Leonard, of Milan, is the poseessor of a bright, healthy chicken whioh has four and as many feet. The Manchester Enterprise heads its local column with "This is beautiful weather. " Well, now you are talking. The Chelsea Eastern Star obapter will visit the Manchester chapter this eveuing and exemplify the work of the degree. The yonng people oounected with the Salem Congregational church gave a sacred concert in the church last Sunday evening. M. E. Keeler, of Sbarou, plauted 40 acres of oorn this week, Jeff Leuim 35 aores, and H. F. Updike, of ürass Lake, about 40 acres. Rev. Mr. Hicks will deliver an address to the old soldiersat the M. E. church, Whitmore Lake, on Memorial Snnday, May 30. A. C. VanSiokle, hay buyer for J. D. McLaren, says that they have shipped two cars of hay daily from Saieru for the past 30 days. The society formed in the vicinity of Salem to decórate the graves of deceased soldiere is making arrangements tohold Memorial Day services in that burg. Bert WolfiDger, of Grass Lake, killed fonr blue racers Tuesday of last week. Three of the reptiles measured seven feet and the fourth eight feet in length. Rev. Thorborne, of Detroit, will deliver the baccalaureate sermón to the class of '97 Manohester high school, at the M. E. ohurch in that place, June 13. Mrs. Jane Decker, of Iron Oeek.who has been ill for a long time, died May 9 aged 81 years. The funeral serivces were held May 11 Rev. I. B. Bufifam offlciating. Mrs. Thomas Thorn, of Manohester, lost a gold ring 23 years ago. A few days ago her hushand was working in the garden and found the ring, on the inside of which Mrs. Thorn's name was engraved. John Carland, of Toledo, who owns the Jay place and ice honses at Whitmore Lake, contemplates building a few cottages there this spring. He has been offered $300 rent for his house there for three months. A geography class in the Grass Lake schools was asked by the teacher for the cause of the dryness iu northern África. One bright boy replied that "no people lived there so there were no teakettles to send up any vapor." Ten shares of stock, of f 100 eaoh, have been disposed of in Manchester and the New State Telephone Co. will oonstruct a line from Ann Arbor to that place iu connection with the state exchange of the company. The Freedom drain ooinmissioner has decided to drain the pond that overflovvs the highway south of Bernard Koebbe's by nieans of sewer tile. A survey has been made and the tile in some plaoes will be laid 18 f eet below the surface. A couple of Salemites were over to South Lyon last Friday nisrht and the lights were turned down so low tüey failed to see when train time arrived - They can now teil you the number of ties from here to Salem - if they will. - Oakland Excelsior. The Manchester high school alumni assooiation is preparing for the coming reunión and banqnet, which takes plaoe Friday, Jnne 18. No provisión has been made for a ball. Among the features secured is a quartetfrom the Normal Conservatory at Ypsilanti. W. C. Tew, who did up the farmers in the neighborhood of Manchester last year when he operated the creamery there, last week atteinpted to start a creamery in Hanover, Jackson oounty, by inducing the people there to take half the stock if he would pnt in a $2,000 plant. Tha people were favorably inclinen to the scheme, but after the visit paid to Hanover by James Tracy, of Manchester, and the explanations he made, it is not now thought that Tew's creamery scheme will be so popular with the Hanoverians. Farmers are gettiug l'rom 10 ceurs to lö cents a pound for this year's wool ylip. Will ScadiD. jr., of Webster, bas put ont about 7,000 strawberry plants this spring. Grass Lake Masons will soon take 3teps to fit np their new banqueting ball and adjacent rooms. Miss Blanche Winifred Woolsey died st the home of her parents in Ypsilanti Thursday night of last week. While cleaning hoase recently Mrs. Bronner, of Mooreville, feil from a chair au wbich sbe was standing and broke bor right arm. Charles Reed, of Ypsilanti, had a borse stolen from his barn Tharsday aight of last week and as yet bas reseived no iüforination respecting it. An uuasnal amonnt of fixing up is beiug done to the íesidences in Dexter this spring, and the village is correspondingly improved in looks thereby. Mr. George B. Lloyd, of Hamburg, and Miss Violet M. Walker, of Dexter, were raarried at the home of the bride's parents Saturday, May 8, by Rev. H. A. McConnell. The remains of Wm, H. Jewett, formerly of Ypsilanti, who died in Detroit, Tuesday of last week, were brought to Ypsilanti Friday and interred in Highland cemetery. The Junior Christian Endeavor of the Saline Presbyterian cburch will give a lawn social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. D, Mead, in that village this evening. Phoenix Lodge, F. & A. M., of Ypsilanti, has aooepted an invitation from Myrtle Lodge, No. 89, of Belleville, to pisit them on Wednesday evening next, and confer the M. M. degre. The nine years oíd son of Floyd Reason, of Pinckney, was successfully operïted on for appendicitis, on Saturday, May 8, by Dr. Maclean, of Detroit, as sisted by Drs. H. F. and C. L. Sigler, 3f Piuckney. Miss Lïnnie Foster olosed her school in Lodi Friday afternoon with a very interesting program. Cari Josenhans, Df Saline, got his fingers in the gearing Df a fanning mili the other day and got them badly squeezed as a consequence. The new Lima and Northern road throDgh here is without doubt a settled fact. Last night we received from Adiison Berdan atTecurnseh, a letter stating that he had the right of way and [olliug stook all purohased and would bave trains through here by September. - Saline Observer. The present indioations in Ypsilanti town are that the hay erop will be abuudant; wheat, twothirds of an average erop; oats, threefourths; oom, two-thirds; rye, one-half; one-third of a erop of apples and very few peaches ; :herries, abundant; strawberries, very proniising. - Ypsilantiau. A larga and heavy door feil down on the little two years old child of George Burkhart, of Freedom, Tuesday morning of last week, dislooatiog its left hip joint and otherwise severely bruising it. Dr. Iddings, of Manchester, attended to the ohild's injuries and it is doing as well as conld be expected. At the Presbyterian chnrch, Ypsilanti, Wednesday evening of last week, Miss Lura A. Davis was married to Mr. Arthui Ament, Rev. R. K. Wharton Dffioiating. Bert Holmes of Ann Arbor, was best man and Miss Mollie Wise aridesinaid. The wedding was a quiet Dne, only the relatives and nearfriends, :o the number of 40, being invitd. The offioors of the Sharon Center 3auday school for the ensuing year are: Superintendent, Wm. R. Monnt; assistint superintendent, E. W. Crafts ; secre;ary, Geo. Kirkwood ; treasnrer, Grace Etowe ; assistant treasurer, Myra Sniith ; irganist, Nettie M. Gillett; assistant Drganist, Clara Slooum ; chorister, R. K. Fellows. Mr. Monut has now had charge of the school for 21 years. E. S. Rogers, of the New State Telephone Coinpauy, says that the company bas practiually made arrangements to purchase the independent telephone exihauge at Chelsea, whioh has 14 sob3cribers and toll lines connecting Stockbridge and Waterloo. The new company will rebuild the plant and connect it with their state line as soon as it reaches Chelsea. - Dexter Leader. Next Snnday will be observed by Jefford's Post, G. A. R., Dexter, as Memorial Sanday and the post will attend services at the M. E. church. Rev. Mr. Potter, the pastor, will preach the sermón. The Decoration Day exercises will be held Snnday, May 30 and Monday, May 31, the old veterans will attend the ceremonies connected with the nnveiliug of the soldiers' monument at Chelsea. The mili oompanies at Manchester did not wish to go to the expense of building fish chutes in their dams and set about getting signers to a remonstranoe to the bill offered in the legislatnre. Over 60 naines were secured and Hon. A. J. Sawyer presented the remonstrance in the house. - Enterprise. Don't see vvhy they should be exempted any more than anybodv else who owns a mili dam. Married - At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Peebles, Worden, on Sunday afternoon, May 9, Mr. Lloyd D. Peebles to Miss Jessie M. Nunn. Rev. W. H. Hannaford performed the ceremony. The bridesmaid was Miss Nellie Leland, of Ernery, sister of the bride. Mr. Robert Ross acted as best man. After atteading servioes at the Congregational ohurch a dainty lunoheou was served at the groom's home. Decoration Day will be duly observed in Milan, Monday, May 81, by the G. A. R., W. R. C. and oitizens. Gay's opera house has been engagd, the Milan Comot Band will fnrnish the music, and Judge Newkirk will deliver the oration. The citizens are taking hold of the financial end of the affair and it is expeoted to be the most snccessful Deooration Day exeroises yet held in Milan. Norinau M. Engle, of Milan, bas been granted au iucrease of pension. L The Dexter Baptist minister has haptized 22 oouverts to bis church siiice Jauuary. E. Lntkins, a former resident of Bridgewater, died recently in Cnopersville, of apoplexy. W. R. Osborn, of Wihttaker, bas sold 20 acres of his land to L. H. Miller and Dan liitchinghain. Rev. C. G. Zeidler will deliver the address at the Memorial Day exercises to be held ut the Sylvan cemetery Sunday, May 30. Mrs. George Hartman, of Saline, died on Monday. Will Kline, a well known resident of that village, also died the same day. Mr. John H. Day, of Willis, and Mrs. Hattie Joces, of Mantón, were rnarried by Rev. W. E. Caldwell, at Ypsilanti, Wednesday afternoon of last week. Katie Gutekunst, the little daughter of Mr. aDd Mrs. Fred Gutekunst, of Sylvan, died May 8, of appendicitis. She was just 10 years old the day of her death. Haïlow Orcutt's barn in York township was barned Sunday night with all its contents. Loss 5ïö; the building was insured in the Washteuaw Mutual for 350. Wm. Hollis, of Ypsilauti, was thrown trom a bnggy in which he was liding with Fred Coqnillard Tnesday iuorning and received a severo scalp wound iu the back of his head. The Manchester village poundmaster bas been ordered to gathei in horses and cattle that are staked out or tied to fences to graze by the roadside, as it is contrary to the ordinance. The Adrián district unday school institute held in the M. E. chucrb, Milan, Tuesday and Wednesday was well attended and was a meeting fnll of interest to Sunday school workers and otbers. Since early in the winter the little daughter of Ed. Barlow, of Ypsilanti town, bas had some trouble with her nose. On Mouday of last week Dr. Owen removed a shoe button from one of her nostrils which he found imbedded in the flesh. A decided sensatiou was sprnug upon the people of Pinckney Tuesday by the announceruent of the marriage of two young society poople, Geoige Reason, jr., and Miss Nora L. Sigler, both of that place. Tfce young couple took a ride last Saturday eveniug and drove to Unadilla, where the knot was tied. The Dexter Cornet Band isnow formally organized and has begun practicing in earnest. lts offlcers are: Manager, Alfred Davis; leader, Benj. Becker; president, Ray Olsaver; secretary and treasurpr, Fred Kauska. Anyone desiring to hecome a ineniber of the band has to present an applioation in dne f orna which is then voted on. The exercises of the junior olass of the Milán high school will take place at Gay's opera house this evening. The program consists of essays, vocal and instrumental music, recitations, the siuging of the class song and a debate on the question "Resolved, tbat the United States should support a stronger navy. " The Milan Epwortb League is officered as follows for the ensuing year: President, Frank Trussell; lst vice president, Mrs. F. O Jones; 2d vice president, Mrs. J. L. Marble; 3d vice president, May Bell; 4th vice president, Alma Sill ; secretary, Anna Jacobs; treasnrer, Ella bteidle; organist, Claodia Youugs; chorister, Mamie Woolcott. The league celebrated its auniversary with an appropriate program of exercities on Suuday evening. A beautiful pipe orgau, made by the firm of Farrand & Votey, of Detroit, lias been puchased for St. Mary's church, (Jhelsea, and will be placed in position in a few days. The cost will be $1,500. The organ will be formally dedicated on Tuesday evening, June 1, with a fine concert, both vocal and instrurneutal, given by eminent Detroit talent. Prof. Freytag, one of the best organists in thu state, will preside at the organ. Dr. Reilly, of Adrián, will give a short address on the "Genesis of Music. ': James B. Lord, living one-half mile east of the Island school house, in Augusta township, died Saturday, May 8, after a sickness of two weeks. He had been in poor health for several years. Mr. Lord was an old resident of the state, having come here with his parents in 1836, and has lived here since, except a few years spent in mercantile pursuits in Buffalo. He took up the farm of 80 acres on which he died 27 years ago, it being then in a wild state but he made a fine farm out of it. Nine children survive him, Mrs. Lord having died sorue years ago. He was a charter member of Fraternity Grauge and was buried according to the ritual of that order.