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"Pray for tny girl," a companion poem to "Pray for my boy," has been pnblisbed by Rev. J. P. Hntchinson of Milan, in the Chicago Record. No use, Eider. She's already rigged ont with a wheel and short skirt. . Wben the Ann Arbor council got throngh approving the 32 Hqoor bonds presented at the last session, the president of the body was dizzy headed, and most of the aldermen spit cotton. It was a full presentation. "The Ann Arbor Courier is putting on a good deal of style over its new girl baby." - Qrass Lake News Of course. It's the finest baby in America - exoept perhaps its little brother. - Courier. Twins, by hokey! Well, wouldn't that doublé you up? The cold and baokward spring ought to help kill the insects if it does novhing more and better. - Ann Arbor Courier. Yes sir that's a faot. Lenawee county school children along the Washtenaw line comb the hair only once a week now, and find nothing. When the devil goes to church, h9 doesn't always take a baok seat. - Ann Arbor Courier. The best place in the world to verify that asBertion, is in Ann Arbor, though it is probable, one would weary in waiting to see certain editors attending chnrch. Ah yes, when the devil, etc. The pink shirt waist laughs lightly as it passes the winter coat. - Washtenaw Times. That was during the first "warm spell. " Next time the two met, the pink shirt waist was shrunk with, the cold, and the winter coat snickered and remarked to its wearer, " Just lopk-uh that thing -wouldn't that kill ye !" A bride who dislikes tbe idea of being showered with rice, has discovered that it is a decidedly clever idea to present her bridesmaids with dainty parasols. - Washtenaw Times. Or, if she don't like rice, let her take oorn. It was tried on a bride at Deerfield last week and the effect on the Duptial hat was most marvelous. It had the appearance of having partially survived a hail storm. The Ypsilautian notes the followiug ceremony of a marriage under difflculties: "Under this window, in stormy weather, I join this man and woman togrether; Let none out Him who made tbis thunder E'er part this married pair asunder." Y-y-y-yes, but We'll bet our old protected wether, Notmany moons they'H live togeiher. She'll want a "bike"; he'll keep the cash, And she'll refuse to cook hls hash; And then this pair wil! part asunder. Sixteen to ono we're rignt, by thunder? Somebody has sent the Times office a Siamese paper. A paragraph in it says that it requiree seven days for the human sonl to jonrney between earth and heaveu. That may be true in Siam. The Times knows of human souls in Ann Arbor whom it will take longer than seven days to rnake the journey to heaven. - Daily Times. This is a brutal stab, probably at Ez. Norris, whom the editor, lo these three years has insisted, counted him out asa Manly oougressional dolegate. Such enduring malioe!


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