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Washington, May 18. - There vas no abatement of interest in the Cuban question in the senate Tuesday and the galleries were well fllled when the sesEion openpd nt noon, although the Morgan resoluíon was not in order until 2 o'clock. Stewart of Nevada gave notice of an amendment which he would offer to the tariff bilí. It provides that there shall be, at all times, a reserve fund in the treasury of $50,000,000. That whenever the available balance in the treasury shall exceed $50,000.000 it shall be the duty of thesecretary of the treasury to invest the surplus over the sum in United States bonds, and that when less than .$50,000,000 is in the treasury he shall issue legal tender non-interestbearing notes, to make up the deflciency. Bedemptlon of the Notes. That such notes shall be redeemable out of the flrst surplus over $50,000,000; that in case insuffieient coin to meet the coin obligations of the United States shall come into the treasury through the ordinary sources of revenue, the secretary shall exchange the silver certifleates for the coin which ig in the treasury for their redemption; that the conversión of the silver certificates shall discharge the coin obligations of the United States; and' it shall be the duty of the secretary of the treasury to coin sufficient of the silver bullion purchased unöer the law of July 14, 1890, to supply al! deficiencies in the supp'.y of coin (ur ;■ r these provisions) to meet and discharge all coin obligations presented. lïills aml Kesolutions Passed. The calendar was taken up and the following bilis and resolutions passed: Authorizing a bridge across the Pearl river, Mississippi: amending the act authorizing the building of the Duluth and Superior bridge over the St. Louis river, so as to modify the conditions as to dredging; authorizing the construction of bridges across the Missouri river between its mouth and the mouth of ihe Dakota or James river and across the Mississippi river between the mouth of the Minnesota river, in Minnesota, and Donaldsonville, La., and across the Ilinois and Desplaines rivers between the mouth of the Illinois and Joliet, Hls., and to prescribe the character, location and dimensions of the same. Masón Talks for Cuba. The Morgan Cuban resolution was taken up at 2 o'clock and Mason of Illinois spoke in its support. Mason read President McKinley's message of Monday to prove that a state of war exsts in Cuba. "If there is -not' war," he said, "then there ought to be with us." 3e said the Americans in Cuba needed to be defended with bayonets as well as with bread. He said that during tha ast campaign he had feit the pulse of thousands of people and was satisfied there was a deep general interest among :he people in the interest of Cuban freedom. He was for Cuba not for commercial reasons or for the acquisition of erritory, after the Bnglish fashion, but 'or better 'reasons. Mason predicted that this country would yet develop a Lafayette for Cuba.


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