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Romantic Marriage

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The death of Williarn H. Jewett, a former well known Ypsilantian, wno died in Detroit Wednesday of last week aud was bnried it Higbland oemetery, Ypsilanti, Friday afternoon, has disclosed a somewhat romantic inoident in his death bed marriage with Miss Florence AlcDoniugh, of Detroit, a yonng lady whom he had knownfor two years and who had been for severa! months employed in his office. The marriage ceremony was performed at 358 Grand Eiver ave., Detriot, where Jewett was lying in bed sick. Mrs. Jewett will receive f10,000 insurance which Jewett carried on his life, and will also receive a widow's pensioD, as Jewett was a pensooner. She is als entitled to a third of her husband's real estáte. vvimaru a. jewect was oorn m tseile ville, about 65 years ago, and after be . ing admitted to the bar, removed to Ypsilanti, wbere he resided un'il three years ago when his wife and daughter died, their deaths oocarring very close togetber. His wife and son anc danghter were the only meinbers of the family. He rieeded his farm to his wife, acd when she died it was left to his children. Then his daughter diec and sbe left thepropeity to her brother. Soon after the death of his wife and daughter, Jewett removed to Detroit and went into tbe insurance business. About two years ago he met Miss Ploience McDonongh, whose interests he was looking after in the settlement of her mother's estáte. He beoame very much attached to her, and wantec her to inarry him long ago. When he was taken siok Miss MoDonough wem to his room and oheered him up, anc helped to nurse him. He was afraic he was going to die, and was determined to niarry Miss McDonongh. Rev. John Reid w s called in and perfoimed tbe ceremony. Mr. Jewett died exactly one week afterwards. After the marriage Mr. Jewett made over to his wife tbe $10,000 worth of insuranoe that he carried and also wauted to send for his lawyer to deed over to her bis other property, bnt ehe dissuaded him from that proposit on. Satnrday morning Mrs. Jewett went np to tbe room at 358i Grand River ave., where she wa married and where her bnsband had lived. She was exasperatad to flnd that it was looked and that a notice bad beeu served on the lar-dlord from Jndge Dnrfee ptohibiting hiin from permitting any person to enter tbe room or distnrb its contents. Mrs. Jewett was oompelled to abandon hopesof getting into the room, but she indignantly asserted that it was "ontrageous to put a woman ont of her own home- the only home her hnsband bad provided for her." "Itjust shows what certain people are, to resort to anything like tbat, " she added. "Well, I warn them that they will regret that theyever molestad me in any way I will fight tbis matter to the bitter end, now. I was willing to give up all my rights to the farm at Ypsilanti, but my generosity bas not been appreciated, and I oan tell yon that not a person will get a cent that the court doesn't allow them. If Don Jewett had acted differently I would have consented to almost anytbing, for peace and quietness, bnt now that he has showu a disposition to embarrass me, he will find that he has no easy person to deal witu." Tbe bride and widow will likely ex perience some diffionlty, however, in obtaining possession of what she says belongs tu ber, as D. C. Jewett, the only son of deceased, it is expectod, will not sabmit to having his father's estáte go to the woman he married on his death bed. Frank T. Lodge, his attorney, says "It is uot likely that JVlr. Jewett is going to sit quietly by and allow his father's property to be tnrned over to another without a oontest. I think steps will be taken at once to prevent the payment of the insurance. "