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Mrs. S. B. Abbey is on tbe sick list. Miss Graoe Russell is convalesceni trom an attact of the measles. Miss Minnie Moore is with her aunt Mrs. Arba Andrews in Milan. Mr. and Mrs. Davis Simmons, from Saline, visited at H. S. Day's Saturday. The L. O. T. M. gave a social at tne hall at Whittaker's Corners on Friday evening which netted them $7. The apple orohards aronnd Willis seem to enoonrage the people that apples will be here again this fall, while cherry trees and strawbenies are blossoming nnusually full. On Sunday afternoon Miss Hattie Mix was united in the bonds of rnatrimony to Mr. Frank Ely, by the Eev. Mr. Caldwell. They immediately went to their home in Willis which was in readiness for them. A very highly respected and esteemed mau was J. B. Lord, who died May 8. He snffered untold agonyfor nearly two weeks. He had been faithfnl to bis God, bis chnrch and himself. He was a member of the Congregational church, of Augusta. He was also a member of the Grange. If Mr. Lord had lived uniil-May 24 he would have been 77 years old. Nine children snrvive hira, Mrs. Heuiy Smith, his daughter, died nearly four years ago in Kansas.. Mr. Bangbart's team delights ir showing mankind how powerful thej are and Walter Kírchen, his hired man, a stout, robnst young man is now admiriDg the beauties of spring while hí bobbles around with a sprained ankie, as a íesult of orie of their trials oJ strength. Tbey beoame frightened and ran fcr a fenoe on the farm, he jumped and sprained his ankle. The horses ran ■with the wagon and jnmped three rail fences and hardly received a scratch. Mrs. Mary Ballard widow of Mr. Forbes Ballard, was in Ypsilanti Monday, May 17, when she suddenly fell and beoame unconscious. Dr. Batwell was called and prouounced her oase incurable, and said people very seldom lived over one hour. She was brought home and died at 3 o'clock Tuesday morning. She never becarne conscious. The disease was pronounced spinal meningitis. She leaves four sons, all maried, Williarn, Walter, Norman and Henry Ballard. A quiet little wedding took place at the home of Hurvey S. Day on Wednesday, tbe láth. The shades were diopped, the lamps were lighted and preceding the bride and groom carne the son and daughter of the bride also the daughter of the groom. The Eev. Mr. Caldwell, of Ann Arbor, followed after them, then carne the bride, Mrs. Hattie Jones, of Mantón, and the best man, John Day, of Detroit, brother of the groom. The couple stood beneath a wreath or bongh of apple blossoms and Mr. Oaldwell tied the doublé knot. A few very near friends were present. A bountiful wedding supper was served. Mr. and Mrs. Day went to housekeeping immediately.