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Attempt At Murder

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New York, May 18.- An attempt was made Tuesday to kill ex-United States Senator J. R. McPherson in his office in the Aldridge building, this city. Willièm B. Van Aken, who made the aitempt, is partly blind and is said to be interested in a suit in which the senator is also involved. Van Aken had an accomplice in the matter whose name is unknown and who escaped. Van Aken ■was arrested. Senator McPherson, who represen ted New Jersey in the senate of the United States for about eighteen years, is now president of the Western Stock Yards company with offices in the Aldridge building. The ex-senator occupies an inner office, while the outer office is for his secretary, Edward F. Low. Both men were in their usua'. places about 11 o'clock Tuesday moming when two men entered. One was Van Aken. well built man about 5 ft. 10 in. in height. The other man was somewhat smaller. Both men walkec through the secretary's office past Mr. Low and into the inner office, where Senator McPherson sat. Senator McPherson was looking over soms papers at his desk and sat with his back to the door. Both men walked up to him and spoke to him. Is "Ve;;k and Feelle. Just what they said is not known, as the senator has not quite reeoveredfrum the shock ar,d cannot yet teil what really happened. He is so weak and feeble that a nurse always accompanies him to his office. Mr. Low, the secretary, says he heard Van Aken say something to the senator about wanting him to settle a suit. Mr. Low says that fcoth men seem to have an interest in a suit over the Belle Meade stock farm, en the Lehig-h railroad in New Jersey. Mr. Low remembers Senator McPhárson teil Van Aken that he could say about the suit and must refer him to his lawyer. After that Mr. Low took no further notice until a minute or so later the private office door was suddenly pushed open. With a cry .if alarm the aged ex-senator came quickly out into the front office. Creeping his way in a fury of blind haste, Van Aken followed. His companion was endeavoring to guide him through the doorway, but Van Aken hurried ahead, putting his hands out in front of him to feel his way. Before Mr. Low could rise from his seát Van Aken clutche-d the ex-senator with his right hand and fumbled with his left behind his back. Had His Revolver Out. Van Aken's companion at this juncture hurried out of the room. When Low caught Van Aken's arm the haifblind man had succeeded in pulling a revolver from his pocket. He had raised it until the muzzle was almost against the trembling old man's heart. With a quiek movement Mr. Low knocked the weapon up. In doing so he managed to get his finger caught in the trigger. Van Aken, still clutched the senator, who was shouting for assistance, pulled madly at the pistol, which now was pointed at the ceiling and rendered harmless by Mr. Low's finger in the trigger. In answer to the shouts other tenants came crowding ;n. After a short struggle Van Aken was disarmed and overpowered. Before a policeman arrived Van Aken desisted from struggling. He was taken over to the Center Street pólice court. He is a well-dressed man and gave his address at a Tenth avenue hotel, this city. After Senator McPherson had somewhat recovered from the effects of the shock he said he had never seen Van Aken or his companion.


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