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The official report of Monday's council meeting will be fouud on the ?th page of today's Argns. Several Ann Arbor Modern Woodmen of Amerioa will go to Denton's toDight where a new camp of the order is to be instituted. Ypsilanti Chapter, O. E. S., will initiate a class of 11 candidates Monday evening. The initiation will be followed by a banquet. Only three persons went before the sewer committee at its meeting Friday afternoon to object to the Ann st. lateral sewer as at present laid out. Property owners interested in tbe proposed W. Liberty st. sewer will bave a hearing before the sewer committee VVednesday, June 2, from 10 a. ui. to 4 p. m. A meeting of the sound money demo crats of tbe university will be held in Newberry hall, tomorrow morniug at 11 o'clock tor tbe purpose of oi-ganiziug a National Democratie Ulub. The readings given by Rev. E. D. Kelly aud Karl E. Harriman at St. Thomas' school, Wedneeday evening, are very highly spoken of by those who were fortúnate euongh to be be present. City Treasurer E. L. Seyler has filed ais bond, which bears on it as sureties ;he uames of Moses Seabolt, F. G. Schleicher, J. H. Wade, O. M. Martin, D. Hisoock, M. M. Seabolt, J. E. Tcavs and N. J. Kyer. At its meeting Wednesday afternoon the Ann Arbor High School Oratorical Associaton elected the following officers: Guy Bates, president; Miss jillian Hillman, vice president; Mr. Knapp, secretary; Allen Broomhall, treasurer. Mayor Hisoock yesterday uotified Manager Hempbill, of the street railway company, that the cars mnst be run at a less rate of speed in the future, espeoially on Main and Detroit sts. The street raihvay franchise forbids a rate of speed of inore than eight miles au hour. Marshal Sweet has posted nuinerous signsforbidding ball playing on the city parks, and in other places where it has becorne a nuisance. Now, if ha wou ld keep the ball tossers off tbe iniddle of some of the residence streets where they make it dangerous for passers by it would be a great thing. There will be a "Trio Concert" at the Ann Arbor Music Co. 's hall tomorrow evening, at 8 o'clock, given by Miss Minuie Davis, piano; Frank C. Smith, violin ; and H. W. Samson, 'cello; assisted by Miss Clara Jacobs, contralto, and Ray Warren, baritone. The program prepared is au attractive one. A uewly naarried conple from the country recently went to a metropolitan restaurant,)) and the bridegroom, wishius; to show that he was something of a high roller, haughtily called for wine. He was asked vhat kind and replied: "We want that kind of wine where the cork bnsts out and the stuff begins to bile and keeps on bilin' till you get the worth of your money." Ainong the early communicants at the Episcopal chnrch Sunday moming was the venerable Judge Nichols, of Toledo, now nearly 93 years old. He it is who founded the first Episcopal churcb in Toledo in 1839, nearly CO years ago, and later on the well known Grace chnrch on Stickney ave. Judge Nichols comes here to be operated on for cataract by Dr. Flemming Carrow. - Times. Mr. Jonathan Niethammer and Miss Mary D. Stiller were married Tbursday evening of last week at the home of the bride's parents on W. Fifth st. by Rev. Jobn Neumann. The immedate relatives of the contracting parties and a few invited friands to tbe number of 40 in all were present. The wedding presents were numerous and costly. A substantial wedding supper was served after the cereinony. At the annual meeting of Unity Club held last Wednesday evening the following officers were elected for the coming year: President, O. E. Butterfield ; viue president, Miss Jessie S. Gregg: secretary and assistant, J. C. Armstrong and E. L. Corvin ; treasurer and assistant, Dr. Conrad Georg and Albert Gore. Plans were made for a ccurse of twelve public lectures and entertainments for next season. Cards have been issned byjthe Students' Christian Association for a farewell reception to be given to President and Mrs. Angelí at Newberry hall tbis evening. Dr. Angelí has been a most earnest friend to the organizartion ever since its beginning, and by bis departure for Turkey, it will lose a strong supporter and oue who has always been ready to aid by his counsel and action in the work of tbe association. A young resident of Churcb st. dressed himself up as a woman Sunday morning and appropriating his aunt's bicycle went out for a ride. Wben the wheel was missed Sheriff Judson was notifled, as the rest of the family thought it was stolen, and tbe young joker oame near being arrested. Appreciating the nnpleasantness of bis position the lad made haste to return the wheel and getting into his room he got rid of his pursners. A nurober of the friends of George E. Apfel attempted a surprise party on hira Monday evening, it being the 35th anniversary of his birth. As he was leaving the honse, however, he noticed two or three oonples making their way thither aüd then forthwith prooeeded to surprise them a little in turn. When summoned to go home he had dressed himself in fashionable evening attire and with eyeglasses astride bis nose he made quite a dudish appearance as he stepped in among his friends. A very pleasant evening was passed playing progressive pedro. Dainty refreshments were served about midnight.


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