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W. R. C. Memorial Day Orders

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The following Memorial Day order bas been issued by Department President Louise A. Turck, W. R. C. , to the varions corps of Michigan: Memorial Day with all ita sweet and hallowed associations draws near, and the precious mernories inseparably connected with ita observance rest upon this nation in tender benedictiou. It is our privilege to assist the Grand Army in the labor of love, to weave bright garlands in meinory of those who sleep in the soatbland, to cover with flowers the graves of their comrades who sleep in our own "silent cities. " Let ns also do all in onr power to make the day truly national in its significance, remembering always that it does not belong exclusively to the Grand Army and Wornen's Relief Corps, but to all who love onr country and the rnemory of its defenders. Give the children a part in the exercises. Let theru teil in song and recitation the story of love and loyalty which saved our dear land in the hour of peril, and :hus awaken in their young hearts patriotic devotion to "One country and one flag. " Let the corps of this departnientr attend the services of Memorial Sunday, and thus show their appreciation of tbe beautiful custom. In accordance with Grand Army general orders of this department, Monday, May 31, will be observed as Memorial Day.


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