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WANTED, FOR SALE, ETC. FOR SALE- House and two acres of land, No. 21 Chubb st., Ann Arbor. Has waterworks connections and complete. All kinds of fruits. botn largo and small. Inquire of L, Hughes on the prcmlses. Terms easy. Title perfect. 20-22 LOST- South of the Citv- A LADIE8' GOLD WATüH with the name Virginia D. Farmer on the case. Liberal roward on returning to C. L. Meader, 33 S. Thayer ot. 20-22 - FOK RENT- 12J4 acres of land in the towti the Albert Han.mond Estáte, and is In moadow of CloveraiM Tlrnotliy to bc mom, Enyuire of Bach & Butler or Mrs. A. Stewavt, 52 S. División st., Ann Arbor. 19-21 HORSB LOST- Strayed or stolen f rom its pasture on the Naylor farm ia Northfield, eight miles northeast of Ann Arbor, a Inwvn mare six years old, 16 hands high, fuil tail and mane, weig-ht 5,151) lbs., shod all round. Finder return to .1. M. Nayior. Ann Arbor, and receive revvard. 19-21 Poli SALE- As a whole or in pareéis, my 1 property corner Jefferson and Divisiou sts. If you want the hest paying roeldence property in Ann Arbor lor less than it is worth cali and seo me. A. M. Clark. 19-21 FOR SALE- A Stereopticon of 1895. Cost $127. Will take much less. Used six months. Address, Mrs. E. B.Wood, Tecumseh, Mïoh. 1T-20 GENTS WANTBD-ForDr.Talmage's "THE - EARTH GIRDLED" or hls famous tour around the worlci. A thrilling story of Savage and Barabrous lands. Four milhon Talmag-e books sold, and "The Barth Girdled" is his latest and greatest. Demand enormous; everybody wants this famous book. Ouly .$3.50. Big book, bigcommiss'on, a Gold Mine for workers. Credit given, Freig-htage paid, Outfits tree. Drop all trash and sell the King of Books and make $300 per month. Address for outfit and territory, People's, 3941 Market St., Phüadelphia, Penna. 19-24 FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE-Three farms, one close to Ann Arbor. 85 acres, first class buildings, another in Lima, 100 acres well timbered and good buildings, and the third in Lodi, 40 acres, good ampie buildings. Gallon or address Wm. Osius, Box 1P51 Ann Arbor, Mich. TU B OF Ëill When you want a free burning Gasoline that does not smoke or foul your stove, try DEAN'S "EED STAK," the finest made. DEAN & CO. 44 S. Main St., Aun Arbor, Mieh. REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF The First National Bank af Ann rtior At Ann Arbor. in the State of Michig-an, at the close of business, May 14, 1897. RESOURCES. iioans and discounts $277, 704 26 Uverdraits 1,978 82 U. S. Bonds to secure cireulation 25,000 00 Other stock, bonds and mortgwes 4,000 00 Due from approved reserve ag-ents... 21,709 11) Due from State Banks and Bankera... 9, i:i0 52 Keai estáte, f urniture and flxtures... 29,'91 66 Checks and other cash items. 581 75 Bills of other National Banks 6,331 00 Fractional currency (includinsr nickels) 450 46 Specie gold ïreasury notes) 17,042 45 Legal-tender notes 3,899 00 Redemption fund with TT. S. Treasurer (5 per cent. of eireulation)..! 1,102 50 Total $398,821 61 LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in ÏJOo.000 00 Surplus fund 20,000 00 Otber undividcd proflts; 31,277 55 National Bank notes outstanding 22,050 0 Dividendsunpaid 180 00 Individual deposits subject to check. 127,011 81 Bemand certiflcates of deposit 93,302 25 Due to State Banks and Bankers 5,000 00 Total ..8398,821 61 State of Michigan, i County of Washtenaw, f 5SI, S. W. Clarkson.eashierof the above named bank, do solemnly 6wear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. S. W. CLARKSON, Cashisr. Subscribed and sworn to before me this JOthdayof May, 1897. LEONHARD GRUNER, Notary Public, Washtenaw County, Mieh. (Correct attest). MOSES SE A BOLT, ) J. F. LAWRENCE, Directora. HARR1SON SOüLE, )


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