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Commencement Week

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Active Preparations Are in Progress for Its Observance. The University authorities are already busy making preparations for the 53d annual commencement which takes place July 1. The commencement proceedings will commence Sunday, June 27, with the baccalaureate address which will be delivered in University hall by President Angell. The examinations for admission to the department of literature, science and arts and to the department of engineering will begin at 9 o'clock Saturday morning, June 6. The social functions which add so much to the pleasure of commencement week will commence Monday night when the annual senior promenade will be held at which time the entire campus will be illuminated and music will be furnished on the grounds by a special orchestra. Tuesday afternoon will witness the class day exercises of the several departments, except the literary, and, at night the senior reception, the last great University social event of the college year will take place in the gymnasium, at which it is thought there will be 500 couples present. On Wednesday afternoon the class day exercises of the literary department will be held under the Tappan oak on the campus. In the evening the senate reception will be held in the Waterman gymnasium which is always a very pleasant social event. The great event of all, the annual commencement exercises, will be held in university hall Thursday morning, July 1, the oration being delivered by Andrew S. Draper, president of the University of Illinois. Much work has been done about the campus this spring with a view to having it look its best during the closing days of the college year. The new botanical garden adds greatly to the appearance of the campus. In addition to this, other flower beds have been laid out, seats have been placed in convenient spots and a large amount of grading done in all parts of the campus. The number of graduates will be in the neighborhood of 200 less than it was last year, chiefly owing to the fact that the law course was lengthened from two to three years, and the present senior class is the first one to graduate under the new regulations. This itself cuts off some 250 law students from getting their diplomas. In addition to these there will be special reunions of the literary classes of '67 and '72. All the alumni meetings will be of special importance this year owing to the fact that the proposed amalgamation of all the alumni societies into one will be up for discussion. From what has already been learned the alumni of the various societies favor the union and the scheme which is to be reported by the committee having the matter in charge will undoubtedly go through. Examinations have commenced and will occupy the time of the students all next week.