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The Maccabees Celebrate

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A Big Banquet Commemorates Their Natal Day. The sixteenth anniversary of Arbor Tent No. 296, Knights of Maccabees was appropriately celebrated Wednesday evening by a magnificent banquet. Covers were laid for 324 guests and there were that many there, F. E. Mills acted as toastmaster and made an admirable one. He rapped for order at 8 o'clock and after the Divine blessing had been invoked by Rev. L. P. Jocelyn, a fine repast was done ample justice to. While this was being discussed a fine musical program was rendered. After an attempt at clearing the table of eatables, the toastmaster called for a song from the Saline Maccabee quartet. Then Mayor Hiscock praised "Beautiful Ann Arbor," and the Maccabees who live in it and Mrs. Eliza R. Sunderland gave an interesting talk on the "Ancient Maccabees." There was a song and an encore by the quartet before Past Commander D. D. Aitken, of Flint, spoke on "Our Laws, Present and Past," in an eloquent manner. Rev. W. L. Tedrow spoke of the benefits of Fraternity and School Commissioner Cavanaugh waxed eloquent on the theme "A good citizen makes a good Maccabee. " T. W. Hughes drew some impressive lessons from the topic, "Our Obligation" and Judge Newkirk, as is usual with him, captured the table company with his witty and humorous references to "Our Sisters." Miss Emma E. Bower, Great Record Keeper, responded feelingly to a double toast, "Sir Knights" and the "Great Hive, " speaking for herself and for Commander DeVere Hall, of Saginaw. Past Great Commander Dr. J. P. Markey was the last speaker and gave a logical and delightful talk on the "Future Maccabee. ' The banquet was a delightful one throughout and reflected great credit upon those who managed it and the tent under whose auspices it was held, furnishing a most fitting celebration of the sixteenth anniversary of Maccabees in this city.