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Chelsea cyclers are talking of a path to Cavanangh Lake. Whitmore Lake has more water in it tban üor several years. Mrs. Regina Essig, of Cbelsea, bas been granted a widow's ponsion. J. C. Lewis' '"Si Plonkard" company played in Dexter Tnesday. North Lake farmers bave planted their corn a seoond time this year. Chelsea Maccabees attended the jubilee aud basket picnic at Jaokson, Saturday. Dexter people are troubled with flower thieves, of whom they complain bitterly. The attendance at the Ypsilanti high schoil bas increased from 123 in 1893-4 to 235 in 1896-7. Miss Lnlu Rappleye, of Ypsilanti, had the misfortnne to fall one day last week and dislocated her hip. The Michigan Central bas fixed up the road leading to its depot in Chelsea and put down a new walk. The Ypsilanti township creamery receives -10,000 pounds of milk a day from farmers in its neighborhood. Jas. Crosby, colored, died at his home in Ypsilanti, Thnrsday night of last week, aged 26 years, of consuruption. Fred Wheeler as been appointed postmaster at Salem, sncoeeding Phil Mnrray, who has made a good postmaster. Marshal Westfall, of Ypsilanti, has issned an order that all dogs in tbat city must be mnzzled dnring themontha of Jnne, Jnly and August. Mrs. Maria Stevens, of Whitmore Lake, has sold a piece of gronnd in that place to some Howell parties who will pat up an elevator tbere at once. The Chelsea comrnon conncil baa ordalned tbat the sidewalk is no place for bicycles and they will have to keep to the road in future, and there must be no more "scorchiDg. " Rev. Cari G. Zeidler, of Sylvan Center, has aocepted a cali to the pastorate of Mizpah Dnion Tabernacle in Detroit, and will leave for his new field of labor in aboufc a montb. The law requiring school boards to publish the proceedings of their meetings and an annual financial statement, takes effect August 31. This law applies ouly to graded schools. ,-Edwin Brown, of North Lake, was dnraped from bis boat Sunday week, when a cqnall struck it. He could not swim and olnng to the boat for an hour and a half before he was rescned. Frank Schaffer, of Manchester, broke both bones of his left wrist one day last week in a fall from a load of hay. He only feil three or four feet bnt alighted on big wrist witb the above result. Arch Cane, of Bridgewater, lost a cow the other day, it having died from the bloat. The oiover in the pasture was wet with the heavy dew and 20 minutes after the animal commenoed feeding on it she was dead. The supreme courfc having afflrmed the decisión of the oirouit court in the oase of Clinton Shaw vs. the township of Saline, the nmount of the damages, $3,000, bas been ordered spread upon the tax rolls for oollection. The officers eleot of Huron Lodge, I. O. O. F., Dexter, for next term are: N. G., Ed. E ves; V. Q., Dorr Queal ; secretary, Fred Kauska ; treasurer, E. H. Carpenter ; representativo to grand lodge, E. F. Chase; alternace, Geo. Francisco. Saline is going to bave a bicycle ordinanoe which will probibit the riding of bicycles on the sidewalks of the village which is a move in the rightdireotion. The same ordinance probibits the allowing of cows, pigs and other animáis straying at large or being staked out on the streets. Mrs. Frederika Vilohn died at the home of her son-in-law, George Otto, at Lyndon Center, May 25, aged 88 years. Mrs. Vilohn was bom in Germany in 1809, was married to John Vilohn in 1838, oame to America with her husband and daughter in 1873. Her hnsband died in 1894, since which time she had lived with her daughter. There is a nest of yonng bluejays in a tree near Wm. McKitoheu's house at Grass Lake, and a few days ago as Mrs. MoK. was waikiug aoross the yard one of the old birds pounced down on her head and clawed and pioked so vigorously tbat the blood flowed. She was too close to the nest to snit the pngnacions little bird. The bird is snmething like the other inhabitauts of Grase Lake. The Mooreville Baptist cburoh will celébrate Children's day next Sunday. The Milan postoffice is now rated as a fonrth clasa office, it nsed to be in tbe tbird class. Tbe business at the Willis creamery has so inuch increased thia summer that aDother separatoi has been pnt in. Wm. Smitb, of Ypsilanti, died very saddenly Taesday night of last week, of heart disease, aged 38 years. Miss Florence Kellain will teach the district sohool at Iron Creek again next year. It will be her third term here. A ripe tomato was left at the Milan Leader office a week ago Friday, grown by Mrs. Warren Lafler, of Dundee towuship. Rev. Fr. Heidenricb, of Manchester, has presented St. Mary's Catbolic ohurch iu that village witb a beautiful uew altar. Township Clerk Pflrkins, of Mancbster, has issned 121.75 worth of bonnty checks for woodchucks, hawks and ccows sinoe April 5. Tbe culored people of Whittaker had their qaarterly meeting aad baptizing in George C. Moore's woods one mile nortb of the village last Sunday. Tbe 3 1 st annnal alumni reunión in conneotion witb the Manohester high sohool will be held this evening. Tbe program comprises a short literary entertainment and a banqnet at the Freemau house. Almeron F. Winney, for many years couuty snrveyor of Monroe connty, died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. B. F. Teal, in Milan, Wednesday moming, of last week, aged 72 years. The funeral was held at tbe house Friday. Thos. J. Farrel, of Manchester, came near having a serious time the otber day by fire, when bis gasoline stove got to kioking np. Only tbe prompt efforts oï the members of the family in putting out the flames saved a bad fire. The annaal commencement exereises of the Dexter high school will be held in the opera house, Friday evening, June 25. Tbe baccalaureate address will be delivered by Rev. T. G. Potter, at the M. E. church Sunday evecing, Jane 20. Will Scarrow, one óf the family at Wayne which ate toadstools for mushrooms last Saturday, died Tuesday morning at 1 o'clook. The remainder of the family, with thé exception of the father, who dd uot partake of the dish, is still sick. Wm. Storm, of Saline, and Miss Emma Bauer, daughter of Xavia Bauer, were married at the home of the latter Wednesday afternoon of last week. FriendB weie present from Monroe, Saline, Norvell and other places. They will reside in Saline. The alumni of the Saline high sohool will hold a reunión Friday, June 25, at whioh a program oonsisting of an address by Judge H. W. Newkirk and musical selections will be given at tbe school hall. This will be followed by a bauquet to the alumni and guests at tbe opera house. Wolveiine Lodge,No. 197,1. O. O. F., of Milan, will be officered for the ensuing term as follows : Noble grand, Nelsou Taylor; vice grand, Geo. W. Hitcbcock ; secretary, Geo. P. Whaley; treasurer, O. A. Kelley; representativo to the grand lodge, Nelson Younglove; altérnate, Geo. P. Whaley. Iustallatiou of officers July 1. Peter Socks, of Bridge water, sued Edwin Glimps, of the same place, for tbe recovery of a surn of money alleged to have been promised Socks by Glimps to avoid a snit for slander. The case was tried in Justice Webb's conrt Wednesday of last week and itdidnot take tbe jury long to render a verdiot for the defendant. Mrs. Carrie Seper and her class, composed of pupils in Dexter village, and trom Whitmore Lake and the townships of Lima, Dexter and Webster, gave tbeir annnal recital at the home of tbe teacher Saturday evening, June 5. The interesting and well rendered program drew so many people to hear it that Mrs. Seper's house was uot large enough to hold tbem all. Tbe board of review of the village of Clinton, Lenawee county, having added 180,000 valuation to the Clinton Woolen Manuf act uring Co., niaking a total of $200,000 for them to pay taxes on, the Clinton Local rises to enquire if the counoil is auxious to drive away that industry from the village that it thus piles on the agony to it in the shape of increaed valuation of the property. Mrs. Emery W. Snell died at her home in Whitmore Lake, Tuesday of last week, aged 55 years. The funeral was held the following Thursday from the house and the remains were taken to Chelsea and interred in Oak Grove cometery. Her husband and one daugbter, Mrs. Payne, of Port Clinton, Ohio, snrvive her. She was a sister of A. R. Cougdon, of Dexter and Mrs. Thomas Sears, of Chelsea. On Monday evening a portrait of the late Charles Woodruff, of tbe Ypsilanti Sentinel, was presented to the high school by his son Charles M. Woodruff, of Detroit. The exercises consisted of a presentation address by Charles M. Woodruff, response by ProTE. Austin George and a brief program of favurite airs and songs of the deceased, played and sung by the Misses Gertrude and Josephine Woodruff and Annie Coombe. A farmer writes to au exohange : "Every year I hear of caterpillars destroying wholeorchards, and there isnothing to dispose of more easily. I bore a hole in tbe tree deep enough to reach tbe sap, fill it with sulphur and tben plug it np. The result is magical. The sap takesupthe sulphur to every branob and twig and the caterpiller at onoe dies. I have uever known of a tree being iöjured by it, and I have pursued the couise for years." Ypsilanti Lodge, No. 128, F. & A. M., paid a fraternal visit to Pluiouth Rook Lodge, at Plymouth, Monday evening, and conferred tbe third degree npon one of the Plymouth Fellowcrafts. About30 Master Masons from Ypsilanti attended and the Worshipful Master's work was exemplifled by Charles Stevens in an excellent rnanner. The Plyrnonth brotbers were a fine lot of hosts and every Mason from Ypsilanti retnrned home lood in praises of tbeir brother's powers of entertainment and the fine supper fnrnished. About 200 were present at the work and banquet.


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