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A COMMON EXPRESSION USED BY AMERICAN WOMEN. Many do not Reallze the Fnll significant of Those Two Worils. When a woman is nervous and irritable, head and back ache, feels tired all the time, loses sleep and appetite, has pains in groins, bearing-down rv ■ _ sensation, whites ■ that a womb trouble is imminent, and slie cannot act too promptly if she values heï future comfort and happiness. The experience and testimony of some of the most noted women of America, go to prove beyond a question that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound will correct all such trouble at once by removing1 the cause and restoring the organs to a healthy and normal condition. If in doubt, write Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass., as thousands of women do. Here is a lady who says: - " Let me add my name to your list of testimoniáis. For years I suffered with such a weakness of the back 1 could not stand straight. I had terrible pains in my womb. The doctor said an operation must be performed, as there was no other way to be cured. I was af raid to have the operation performed, and kept - . the S j eines thatl saw V jTi advertised. At & fL" 7 last I tried yours. l L' After _- T WpUfffl boUles' T È= feit like aY J) new Vv''s sSsi man. I , - . i f" ommend it to every woman, and cannot praise It enough, for it sa ved me f rom the surgeon's knife."- Mr Mabe Buch, Dolgevüle, N. Y.


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