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Six miles west of Birmingham, in a dense undergrowth of timber on the banks of a rivulet near Walnut Lake lives au aged colored man, named Elias Masón. He is the original of "Dred," the central figure in Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel, "Dred, or the Dismal Swamp." Mason livea in a dugout. He must be nearly 100 years oíd. In slavery days his master's cruelty drove him into a swanipy morass; by stepping on certain solid hummocks, known to no one but himself, he escaped. A false leap or step meant to be smothered in a quagmire, rods in depth. His master lost his life, rille and two bloodhounds in a futile effort to get to Mason's hiding place. The hounds wallowed through the swale, but knew Mason and would not in jure him. Their loud baying was a great give away as tq the location of his hiding place, and he reluctantly killed the brutes and pushed thein out of sight in the morass. Their careases bloated and rose to the surface. Tuis unbearable stench drove the refugee from his lair. He escaped north by the uuderground route. Mrs. Stowe made much of the athletic and almost wild man. Local rufflans abused the old man during the last winter, and forced him to leave his bed and wander through the woods, while they drank his eider and slept off their debauch in the old man's


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