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The Battle Of Redonda

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Not far froin St. Thomas, a matter of peibaps 100 miles, was fought the most wonderful naval battle in all history. The Durch adniiral detected the enemy in the ?arly morning, when the sea was covered with a thick mist, and his guns opened fire at once without warning. The flrewas returucd with interest, the ocean iairly quivering with spasnis c.aused by the shock of frequent discharges. Somehowor other the enemy 's shots, which sounded like a bombardment, seemed to fall short or go wide of the mark, for net even a splash of a ball was heard, and the Dutch ships remained unsc'athed. On the other hand, the Dutch could not see the terrible execution their gnus were doing until nearly the midcUeof the forenoou, when the fog lifted, revealing to their astonished gaze not the vessels cf the euemy, but a great rock standing out of the sea. They had been firing at it for five hours, and the sound of the return shots they heard was the echo from the solid wall of granite. They named the place Redonda, which means sent, rolled or driven back, and Redonda it is to this day. -


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