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Those Who Will Teach

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The Board of Education at its regular meeting held Tuesday night, made the following appointments for the next year : HIGH SCHOOL. W. S. Perry, Superintendent $2,500 J. G. Pattengill. Principal 1,800 H. N. Chute, Physics 1,700 Levi P. Wines. Higher Mathematics 1,700 Alice Porter, Latin "50 Mary E. Hunt, Mathematics 750 Alice E Rothman, German (00 L. 1'. Jocelyn, Mathematics 1,050 Sara Whedon, Higher English 650 J. Montgomery, Botany, Chem.. etc 1.200 D. W. Springer, Commercial dep't 1 300 Gertrude S. Breed. Frenen Tuo Genevieve K. Duffy, Physiology, etc 550 Mrs. Eliza Sunderland, History. etc 760 Lulu B. Southmayd, Hol. and Hist 550 Matie E. Cornwell. Drawing 500 Lucy K. Cole, Mustc 500 Ella Bennett, Ass't in Botany, pro rata 550 Nellie Loving, Librarian 500 Eliza B. Cady, Elocution 2M) Nancy E. Purdum, English (00 Koy B. Smith, Ass't Chemistry 350 W.H. Hawkes, Ass't Physics 500 GRAMMAR DEPARTMENT. Eliza C. Ladd, Principal t 500 Anoie D Robinson 500 Abbie A. Pond 475 FIRST WARD. Clara G. Plympton, Principal $550 Emilie G. Eldridge 400 Ruth Durheim 400 Wilhelmina L. Binder.... 400 Carrie L. Dickey 4()i Jennie M. Seelye 400 Laurette B. Saunders 4W Maggie T. McDivitt , 400 Fril G. Beckwith ' 375 Jeanette West 40ü May I. Cody 5 SECOND WARD. Emilie Gundert, Principal 500 Melinda G. Mogk 4U0 Emily R Marshke 400 Bertha Feiner 40Ü Augusta Walter 400 Maude Hess - 35U THIRD WARD, Principal 475 Pauline Wurster 325 Carrie P. Krauss. 4t.O Carrie A. Wheeler 375 Ann E. Shannon 350 Mabel Benham 325 Emma C. Weitbrecht 325 " FOURTH WARD. Annette L. Ailes, Principal 500 Julia A. Howard 400 Eugenie Mogk 400 Minnie A. Drake 400 Charlotte L. Millard 4'0 SaraV. O'Brien 325 FIFTH WARD. Matie E. Goodale, Principal 450 Annet L. Clinton 400 May O'Hearn 375 SIXTH WARD. Lulu G. Downs, Principal 500 Ella S. Wright 400 Emily J. Purfield 400 Sara Bailan 350 Elsie G. Anderson 326