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The Paper At The Oxford Bibles

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The paper inakJng for Oxford Bibles is a specially important and íjaterestíng part of the work. At Wolveroote, a mile or two out of Oxford, the university has a large mili for the supply of its own requirements. A good deal of the paper they turn out here is made out of old ships' sails, the rnaterials of which, after battliug with storms in all quarters of the world, come here for the purpose of being rnade into paper, printed in almost every language under heaven and bound up iuto volumes to bo again scattered far and wide into all the nttermost ends of the earth. Tbis Wolvercote paper mili has much to do with the great rcputation that Oxford has acquired in the production of Bibles and other devotioual books. Tweuty years ago and more the management here hit on a valuable invention in paper making, and ever sinoe their "India paper" has been the envy and the puzzle of manuf acturers all over the kingdom. There are said to be only three persons living who know the secret of its rnake, and, though the procesa has never been legally protected and all the world is free to imítate the extremely thin, tut thoroughly opaque and wonderfully strong and durable, paper of the best Oxford Bibles if they only Jcnew how, all the world has hitherto quite failed to do so. It is as thin as tissue, bnt perfectly opaque and bo strong that a strip of it three inches wide has proved to be capableof sustainingaquartercf a huudredweight. Over 160 works and editions are aow printed on tbis paper. This special sdvantage has very largely helped Oxford to reta in the leading poBition ■whicb it origiually gained by being nearly the iïrst, if not quite thefirst, printer of books in the kingdom and by


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