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A Story Of Depew And Evarts

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"By the way," said Eli Perkins in a reminiscent inood, "I rede up to Windsor with Mr. Evarts oue day. He was accompanied by a boy whowas reading the ruorning papers. As soou as be recognized ïny voice he said: 'Come over here, Eli. Yon kriow wbatl want. Give ine the digest of all the news and all the funny stories. Oh, I do miss the stories so! What has Depew said lately?' "A moment afterward we were talking about ridiiig on the Wagner, aud I said, 'Now, Mr. Evarts, yon have ridden a good deal on the sleeper, and how had a man better lie to sleep well head to the engine, or feet toward the engine?' " 'Oh, you ehouldn't come to a lawyer with snch a qnestiou as that, Eli. That isn't a law question; that is an engineering question. You should go to some railroad president with such a question. Go and ask Depew. ' " 'But Depew is a lawyer, isn't he?' I said. ' 'Well, y-e-s - Depew is a lawyer.' Then, he contiuued slowly and thougbtfully, 'But all the law Depew knows wouldn't bias him in answering any question. ' "When I told this story at the Lotos club, a week afterward, Depew happened to be there. He laughed with the rest, but just üefore he left he leaned forward, with his hand over his mouth, and whispered to me: " 'The story is all right, Eli, but if you won't teil it any more in New York I'll give you an annual on the road. ' "Mr. Evarts for years sent a half barrel of pork every year to Bancroft, the historian, with a characteristic note. No one ever read these notes but Baucroft. When the historian died, they found these notes from Evarts, tied up with red tape by the hand of the dead author: "Dear BANCROFT-If your history of America ever becomes as suecessful as Carlyle's 'History of the French Eevolution,' it will be largely attributable to my pen. Evarts. "Dear Bancroft- I send you two products of my pen today- my usual half barrel of pig pork and my tulogy on Chief Justice Chase. -Chicago ínter Ocean.


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