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Barnato Was A Lunatic

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London, June 15. - The officials of the Union Steamship company, to which the steamer Scott belongs, confirm the announcement made Monday night in a special dispatch from Funchal, Island of Medeira, that Barney Barnato, the South African "Diamond King," committed suicide by jumping overboard while that vessel was on her way from Cape Town, which port she left on June 2 for Southampton, via Funchal. The death of Barney Barnato has caused a sensation in financial circles. Hls office here was besieged Tuesday morning by hundreds of eager inquirers, and even thea his firm had not received confirmation of the news. Throgmorton Street was filled with excited crowds of brokers discussirg the news of Barnato's death. His self-destruction is generally supposed to have been the outcome of his recent illness at the Cape, which, according to rumors on the stock exchange was in the nature of brain trouble, The African market. as a result of the, death of Barnato, was depressed Tuesday. Barnato Consolidated was %c lower, Johannesburg Investment went down Yit Chartered comapny's securities feil %, De Beers mines went down 5-16, and Rand mines were % lower. The Pall Mali Gazette, commenting on the death of Barnato, says he has been mentally unwell for about three months, and that he has been under constant surveillance. There has been no occasion to fear a panic in the Barnato itccks. Barnato died to the stock market six months ago when he became mentally incompetent and the control of hls great speculations passed into other hands. The slight flurry that followeL the jnes of his death represented the extlnctlon of the slight hope that ha mlght yet recover his sanity. return to the street, and perform financial mlme.VúS evín greater than any he had already shown to the world. Barr.ato died in hia 45th year. He went to South África, a poor Jew, twer.ty y cara ago, and hvs risen te world-wide promir.ence as a jíromoter of companies and speculative sehetnes. At one time he controlled and In larga part owned corporations involvlng $500,000,000. It is sraid his g-igrantic fortune melted away even more rapidly than it was reared. His real name was Barnett Isaacs. Barr.ato was a atage name he used when he was in hia youth, a strolling performer in public place3.


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