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New York, June 15. - Miss Al:ce Holbrook, who has appeared in several ;omic opera companies, isMrs. Barnato's sister. S"he is stopping at the Hotel Vendóme. Miss Holbrook reoeived a !elter from her sister tellins: of Barnato's suicide. "I was not surprised. I had been expecting it," Miss Holbrook said. "Yes," she continued. "I knew it would come soon. From day to day and from year to year I have expected to receive word that Barrito had committed suicide. When I Yeceived the envelope in my mail I knew without opening it that it contained news of his death. He waa Such a brainy, sueh an unusual man, and he acted so strangely at times, I thought he would kill himself gome day." Her sister, she said, had written much about her husband'r, end. Miss Holbrook showed ma elght closely written pages. She was reluctant to give any iJetails of the suicide. She told me, however, that her sister and her three chil3ren were with Barnato on the Scot when he threw himself into the water. "The Scot was Banrato's favorite ship." said Miss Holbrook, "and from it he went to his death. It was an awful shock to my sister. "Oh! What a sad letter she writes, what a sisterly letter. But she knew as well as I that it would cme some day. He was such a remarkable man. He was an illiterate man, but see how he accumulated wealth. He was illiterate, but brainy. The parts he took on the stage were drummed into him, but he made a success of it. He was poor when he married my sister against our parents' wishes, and their domestic life had not been happy. My sister writes that perhaps his end is for the best, and I think so, too. But then, you know, Barnato and I were not friends. We were never friendly." Miss Holbrook refused to take the exact date on which Barnato committed suicide, but intimated that it was some time before June 2. She was surprised that the news did not reach her by cable sooner, since she received a letter from her sister Monday. She told me that the ages of Barnato's three children were 4 years, 2% and 1 year. She also said that Barnato had left his entire fortune to his wifa and children, with the exception of a few comparatively small bequests to poor relatives. The fortune, accordinst to Miss Holbrook, amounts to $15,000,000.


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