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Funchal, Madeira, June 15. - The following detals have been obtained of the suicide of Barney Barnato while on the passage here from Cape Town. Barnato, who had been in ill-health for some time past, seemed to improve after leaving Cape Town, but he was never left alone and some or.e was constantly detailed to watch him. Sunday after lunch, between 2 and 3 o'clock in the afternoon, he seemed to be in very good spirits, and was walking up and down the deck on a passenger's arm. Suddenly Barnato asked his companion to teil him the time. Before he received a reply he wrenched his arm away and jumped overboard. The fourth officer jumped overboard after him immediately, but he failed to save the life of the South African speculator, as heavy seas were running and the vessel was steaming at the rate of seventeen knots an hour. So soon as possible the steamer was stopped, a lifeboat was lowered, and pulled to the spot where the two men were last seen. The fourth officer was rescued in an exhausted condition and later the body of Barnato was recovered, floatlng head downwards. Hia remains have been embalmed and will be taken to √Čngland on boa'rd the Scott Mrs. Barnato and her children were also on board the Scott. The Barnatoa lived in Spencer house for several years and were returning to occupy their gorgeous home, just being flnished on Park Lane, opposite Stanhope gate. The deceased speculator leaves two children, Lean Primrose, named after his flrst mine and a baby boy named Ladas Roseberry.


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