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The annnal June Festval of the SI Thomas' Couservatory of Musió ha grown to be one of the established fes tures in connection with the rausicE and arausement eveuts of the citj Baoh suoceediug year has witnessed growing improvemeut aud wider divei sity of subjects aud the eleventh auani festival held Wednesday and last ever. ings at the Graud opera house was n exception to the ouward march of in provement and the resulta obtaine showed what tbe careful and patieri training of young people by experieuce aud talented teachers will produoe On both evenings nearly all the seats i the parquet aud parquet circle wer filled aud the gallery had its share c the nuniber of people who were anxioo to witness themeritorious performance stil 1 the uumber aitendiug was not s large as iu foriner years, whicli show that.the hard times this winter has ha its effect on all classes of people. Si Thoinas' church building fund, to th beuefit of wbich the proceeds were ap plied will be richer by several hundre dollars as the result. The prograi was the same for each evening, thert fore the description of one evening i eqnally applicuble to the other. St Thomas' church is to be congratr lated on its excellent conservatory c music, and the Monroe Sisters on thei watchful aud painstakiug efïorts for il success. A great improvement ove former entertainments was that afforc ed by the playing between the difïerer uumbers by the Chequamegon orcbei tra of 10 pieces which had been eugagi for the occasion aud which afforded great relief from the nsual tediousnei of "waits between acts." The.first number on the program wL a quickstep by the St. Thomas' Banjc Maudoliu aud Guitar Club, made up í follows : Banjorines- The Misses K. Burns. N.Brow: M. E. Clarken, Master L. Darrow. Banjos- Masters G. Riusey, W. Darrow, i Darrow, Finuegan, H. McKinstry, H. Ei: ele. Mandolins- The Misses F. Parsons, L. Oe: teiiin, K. Caspary, L. Fitchel, A. Sulliva K. Harris, A. Tice, S. Masten, E. Laughiin, ] Covert, D. Wall. Guitiirs-The Misses G. Kress, L. Rinse G. Zachmnn, I. Meuth, G. Alexander, X,. Le J. Cayer, Mrs. A. Buohanan, Mrs. Main, Ma ter M. Seabolt. Violins- Miss J. Graber, Master L. Sheeha Aecompanist- Master C. Sherk. The stage setting and grouping the players for tbis number was one the prettiest thafc has been seen in tr opera house in a long time. The selei tion was played in a most pleasin mauner and was warmly applauded. No. 22 was a waltz, op. 212 by Kol ing, played on five pianos by 10 litfc girls as follows: The Misses F. Parsona, T. Sheehan, L. Coert. S. Rinsey, B Bradiey, E. Hardinprhaus, i Parsons, P. St. James, I. St. James, M. Collii Tbis number considering the youtl fulness of the performers was we given. The third number was omittec as also was No. 6 and two of the dri: scènes. A "Fanfare Militaire," by Behr, WL thejnext number on tbe program. ! was played on the five pianos by th older members of the conservator classes and was an exceptioually finel rendered selection in every respect, L to time, touch and spiritedness, Th ladies who took part in it were The Misses E. Covert, B. Donesan, K. Burn A. Tice, Mrs. Bnchanan, E. Riekart, N. Browi L. Rinsey, G. Kress, D. Kneip. A series of "Drift Scènes" in niu parts next claimed the attention of th audience. They were all daaces, marol es and poses execnted by girls and boy of various ages, were adrnirably peí formed in excellent time, with the peí fect grace and abandonment tbat onl the young naturally acquire when we) trained and afforded unbounded amuse ment to the spectators. The severa parts were taken as follows: Part 2- Junior Snortsmen- Masters H. Co lins, J. Watera, P. Walsh, J. McCarthy, Í Imue, J. Sedina, H. Fiunegan, F. Bradiey, A Hughes. Part 3- Disiry Maids- The Misses M. Wals) R. De8deride, A. Maloney, S. Keilly, L. Cai mella, M. Burns, N. Bradiey. Part 4 -Maids of Erin- The Misses M, Wac zeek, E. Hardinghaus, M. Talbot, G. O'Coe nor, F. Shields, AI. Dixon, L. Oesterlin,T.SheE han. Part 5-Sona of Erin- Masters W. Parker, E Parker. J. Boyke, W. Walsh, W. Divine, I Moriarity. Part 6- Mountaineers- The Misses A. Gib nev, J. Gibney, E. Kearns, H. Fullerton, G O'Brien, H. Donnelly, M. Krese, K. Dwyer N. Maloney, M. Collins. Part Captain, J. O'Reilly ; Mas ters W. Finnenran, J, Finnegan, L. Wessinger T.Wessinger, G. Rinsey, M. Seabolt, H. Eisele H. Millman, G. McKinstry, H. McKinstry' L Darrow, E. Keatiug. Part 9-Sailors- Masters J. Ross. L. Sheehai W. Darrow, C. Darrow. R. McKinstry, H. Brad ley. Dnring the progress of this part o: the program a piano nnmber was givon "Semiramide" from Rossini, on thre solo pianos and a first and secoud piano, The several prforruers were Solo Pianos- The Misses N. Brown, K. Burns D. Wall. Piaoo 1- The Misses L. Rinsey, A. Tice. Piano 2- The Misses K. Harris, C. Harding haus. The unmber was %vell rendered and as well received. Tbe program concluded with ''Joan of Are," a drama in six scènes, descriptive of that era in the history of Franoe when Joan, tbe ruaid of Orleans, ered her country from the haDds of the invading EDglish, only to be finálly captuied and burned at the stake. The cast of charaoters was filled as follows: Joan Miss L. Fiteliel Joau's mother Miss M. E Clarkeu Katherine (Joan's si6ter) Miss N. Brovvn Charles VII (Dauphin of France) . .- MissM. E.Clarken midieron ü-uard Miss D. Knelp Angel Miss R. Seery The drama was well acted. The part of Joan was taken by Miss Lizzie Fitobel, who did herself credit. The rama opeued with a drill by some 20 r 30 young ladies dressed as sheperdsses. Joan made her appeararjce at he end of the drill and refused to ake any part in the sport when her ouutry was in sorrow. The second scène was a mountain top vhere Joan carne to rest and pray. An ngel appeared in a hollow tree in the nidst of thunder and flashes of lighting, announcing that Joau was to be he diliverer of her country. The part of the angel was taken by Miss Rose Seery and was very woll done. Tüe third soeue was a very toüching oue, beiug the separation of Joan aud her inober aud sister. These Jatter ïoles were effectively taken by Miss M. E. Claiken and Miss Kellie Hrown. Tbe fonrth poene showed Joan at the head of her troops. The young ladies forming the troops were dressed in on iforms of red aud white and made a very pretty pioture. The drill following the taking of the oath of allegiance was very pretty and showed fine work. Pollowing thi3 were two tableaus repiesentin the eiege and entering of the city of Orleans. The latter was exceptioually fine as Joan eutered rnounted on a large black horse followed by her arrny rejoicing in their victoiy. The next scène was in the royal palace at the coronatiou of Charles VII. The triumphal ïuarch was heaaed by twu little girls strewing flowers, then carne Joan aud the dauphin followed b kuights aud laaies. The soene wa ven pretty on account of the variou bright oolors composing the dress of th youthful courtiers. Tne sixth and last scène of the dram showed Joan in prisou spending he last hours in prayer for herself anc country. The final tableau showe Joan at the stake in the midst of blaz ing flames, a niattyr for her country. The concert was one of the best eve gften by the conservatory and is worth of all praise. Miss f'itchell was eve better than she was last year and too her part splendidly. Last evening th concert was repeated with fully as gooc succees.


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