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Danced At Whitmore Lake

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One of the happiest and jolliest crowds that has left Ann Arbor on a pleasure trip for a long time was that wbich took the 4 :50 train over the Aun Arbor road on Friduy afteruoon, bounc for the Clifton house, Whitmore Lake It was the return party given by th gentlemen vvbo were so delightfully en tertained aod "stnoked out" at th famous "Yellow Kid" party in April Those of the party who did not go b train took horses and carriages anc drove over, but they all arrived at tb lake in time for the elegant supper tba was spread by Landlord Smitn. After the supper carne a period o boating on the lake and as it grew dus the strains of music by the Chequame gon orohestra called tbe party to th ball room and tbe merry danoing part commenced, with N. J. Kyer as floor master and general ceremonial guide During an intermission in the danc James E. Harkins sang a oonple of ol favorita songs. A midnight lunoh wa served in the dining room, after whic James E. Harkins as toasmaster calle on Mayor Hiscook, Prof. E. F. John son, and Aid. Arthur Brown, all o whom made happy remarks, appropriat to the occasioo. An adjournment wa then made to the hall room and mor dancing followed. Fred Dansingbur sang a baritone solo. Frank Hess did whistling turn and was rudely broke in on by the wliistle of the locometiv oalling on all to go home. The part arrived in Ann Arbor at 2 a. va. a tirec but thorougnly satisfled lot otpeople.


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