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All Caused By Two Cats

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While engaged in chasing a coup] of cats which disturbad his peaoefu reveries about 9 o'clock Monday nigb John V. Dolbee, of Ypsilanti, had th misfortnne to set flre to his barn. The Times gives the following description of the affair: "Aoonpleof cats in theneighborhood bad been bolding a series of field day games and their respective college yell were as hideous as au amateur photo grapb. Mr. Dolbee started to put an end to the disturbéis and pursued them into his barn. Armed with a pitchfork and a lantern he ran up stairs after the gladiators but the lantern did thè mos effective work. Just as he reached the top of the stairs the lantern knockec against so'mething and overturning, 'ell into the bay. In a second the hay caugbt flre and all retreat for the oats was cut off. Mr. Dolbee rushed down stairs and took the horse and buggy Tjm tbe barn, tbus saving theru. Be'ore the fire departuient could reach he soene tbe blaze was so well under way that the barn was a total loss. The building was insured but not the oats. However, Mr. Dolbee has the Katisfaction of knowing that there are two less felinas in his neigbborhood. "


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