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$20. Sewing Machines. $20. For $20 I will sell a fine sewing machiue warranted feu1 10 years. Try it if yon need a machine. It's a bargain. Machines repaired and rented. J. F. SCHUH, 23-24 23 East Washington et. M. C. R. R. Excursions. Park Island Assembly, Orion, Mich. June 19 to July 26, 1897. One first olass limited fare for round trip. Dates cf sale, June 19 to 28. Good to return July 27, 1897. National Eepublican League of tbe United States, Detroit, Miob., July 13 to 15, 1897. Oue first class limited fare for round trip. Date of sale July 12 and 13. Limited to return July 16. Epworth League Training Assembly, Ludington, Mich., July 20 to August 16. One first olass limited f are for round trip. Dates of sale, July 12 to 29. Limited to return until Aug. 17, 1897. National Young People's Christian Union of the Universalists Churoh Meeting, Detroit, Mich., July 6 to 13, 1897. One first class limited fare fi.c round trip. Dates of sale, July 5 and 6. Limit to return until July 14, 1897. Camp Meeting, Island Lake, Mich., July 29 to August 31. One and onethird first class fare for roend trip. Dates of sale Jnly 27 and each Tuesday, Thursday aud Satarday thereafter until Aug 31. Limit to retnin Sept. 4, 1897. WANTED ! From 75 to 1X) berry pcker.s this season. Tb ree klDtls oí Tjerrïes to piek, and í'rom Uve to slx weeks steady work with sure pay at the end of the pickina season. I want all, oid and young who are able to piek. Come and se the patch and you can then teil what a flue lot 1 have. ltisthree blocks from Mlller Ave-, at tho end of Brooks st A sood shady place for luncheon and a good well of water, Medical attendance in case of sickHess. MOSES LAJOIE, Proprietor. Chubb Street Fruit Farm. 27 24 A SIMPLE TIRE REPAIR. Punctures ia the well known Morg-an & Wrig-ht tire are tnended about as easily as a man would close a hole in his fing-er with a bit of court piaster. Inside of the inner tube of the tire lies a strip of rubber, like this : By M. & W. quick-repair cement throug-h the puncture into this inner tube, and then down on the tire with the thumb, like this, the repair strip inside is picked up by the cement, thus closing the puncture, like this; Very simple, now every rider should remember these two "buts," or he will fail : Before cement, pump up the tire. If you don't, the inner tube will be flabby, like this, and the cement will not get inside of t, where the repair strip lies. When you have a puncture, get right off. Riding a tire flat, when it has a ack or nail in it, may damage it coniderably.


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