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Jacob Eder, of Chelsea, has gone to Lansing to reside. John Wnerthner, of Manchester, ha repainted his store front. Frank Sweetland, of bnild ing a new barn on his farm. A five foot black raoer was killed on a Manchester sidewalk last week. The Pinckney school graduated two scholars on Wednesday of this week. Prof. Thos. Moran, of Purdue, Iud. is visiting his mother in Manchester. Strawberries in Clinton last week brought five cents a quart for the bes ones. The Hurón milis in Ypsilanti, shn down last week to allow repairs on th dam. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sherwond, o: Manchester, have removed to Angélica N. Y. The Ypsilanti Arbeiter Verein give a dance at their hall in the evening o Jnly 5. Chas. Youngbans has added a sum mer kitchen to his residence in Man chester. Rev. Paul Irion, of Freedom, was in Owosso attending the conference over Snnday. B. H. Perkins, of Manchester, cele brated his 82d birthday last week Wed nesday. Lightning killed a horse belonging to James Donglas, of Sharon, Jast week Snnday. Children's day was appropriately obstrved in the Milan Baptist church last Sunday. Wm, H.Hay, of Ypsilanti, has gone to investígate the gold fields of British Columbia. A floral log cabiu made from 25,000 plants will decórate the Central grouuds at Ypsilanti this year. Two horses belooging to Nick Sant, of Bridge water, were strnck by lightüing a week ago Sunday. Soma one stole 31 chickens from M. B. Wallace,of Manchester, recently, but they didn't get the old hen. The rain of Wednesday of last week drowned 33 little chickeus for Hanry Kirchhofer, of Manohester. Mrs. E. D. Main, of Wampler's lake, died last Thursdayfrom the effect of an operation for ovarían tumor. John Sanborn recovers $5 and Coruelius Carr 25 from Manchester township for sheep killed by dogs. Lewis Stendel feil 15 feet while painting the S. W. mili at Manchester, bnt fortunately broke no bones. Hiram B. Yost, of Chelsea, and Mrs. Annie M. Hilts, of Jackaou, were married by Rev. Thomas Holmes, Jane 15. John Laidlaw, of Ypsilanti, is expeled to lay out flower beds for 26 statioDS on theMiohigan Central this year. It took 943 pounds of white lead, 50 pounds of iron paint and 50 gallons of oil to paint the S. W. mili at Manchester. Fish stories are in order. B. W. Amsden caught a opound pickerel in the upper pond at Manchester laat week. Some vvork has been done towards bettering the road between Chelsea and Cavanaugh lake. Let the good work go on. Eighty Maccabees turned out in Manchester in spite of the hot weather, to decórate the graves of three of their bretbren. Miss Lizzie Scarrow.of ïpsilanti, was called to Wayne last week by the death of her brother.who had eaten toadstools for mushrooms. Charles Silvers and Larem Sutfin attempted to ford the river at Clinton last week. Their buggy was entirely submerged and the horse was obliged to ewim. They will take the bridge hereafter. A shot from an air gun missed an eye of Mrs. R. Mahrle, of Manchester, last week, by only a quarter of an inou. The careless lad deserves a sound thrashins. We had the pleasure of visiting Harvey Rose's gardens a few days ago and were surprised at the amonnt and variety of plants he has that are now ready for transplanting. People from the country and from neighboring towris ooms hete to buy plauts of hiin becanse he has suoh a variety of strong plants and sells tbeui cheap. Snme of onr citizens who hava Leautiful flower beds buy all thoir plants of him iustpad of sowing the seeds. - Manchester 'Enterprise. Measles are still hanging around Whittaker. Dr. Walker, of Salem, has repainted his hoase. The Pinckaey school graduated five pnpils this year. The Plymouth village tax this year is 7 milis on the dollar. J. L. Kisby will beoome post master at Hambnrg, aboat Jnly 1. Chas. Brown has been appointed special policeman of the village of Milan. A E. Pntnani is the latest cement sidewalk builder in Milán. He has jast put one in front of his residence. The foreign papils of the Milan school païd $366.84 tnition the past year, a gain of f138 over the previous year. The Mineral Bath House at Ypsilanti gave 100 baths last week. If this keeps on Ypsilautiaus will be oiean and healthy. Jonathan Voorheis, of Ypsilanti, 78 years of age, walks out to his farm in Superior and back for exercise, a 10 mile walk. New hay is coming into the village at Manchester. They rushed the seaeon tiy getting in a load or twoTuesday of last week. Robert Ackerson, of Mnnith, was poisoned last week by drinking lemonade which had stood over night in agalvan ized iron pail. The funeral of Mrs. Jacob Kindgeder in Freedom last week was the larges funeral ever held in St. Johu's church She died June 13. It was Governor Pingree, who look ing around the streets of Saline a few rnontbs ago said, "What a beautifu oity you have here. " Gladys Trussell, the little daughter of F. E.aTrussell, of Milan, knocked a kettle off a shelf last week, cntting a deep gash in her foiehead. James Lamburn, of near Ypsilanti, let three of his fingers come in contact wih a bnzz saw last wek, with disastrous results to the flngers. The Manchester council cut the electric light bifls of that village last week and there is some talk of the village purchasing the plant, There were 125 present at the barn raising at Lewis Geyer's in Freedoru. Win. Beurle is erecting the building which is 46x82 feet in size. A Jiveiy ajscussion is going on over the olearing out the drain from Low's lake near Manchester, which woulc lower the water in the lake. The village of Milán will raise one mili on each dollar of assessed valuation for highway pnrposes and one and a half milis for general pnrposes. H. M. Cnrtis, the solé lord of the board of public works, of Ypsilanti, reoommends the expenditure by that oity of l,680 for two uew water wbeels to furnish power at the Ypsilanti pumping station. The remains of Jobn Gilmonr, postín aster of Parklake, were brougbt to Whittaker, where be formerly resided. last week. He was a member of the Masonio lodge of Milan and was buried with Masonic honors. Woe is Milan - or the postmaster thereof ! We have been reduoed from a íresidontial back to afourth class office. Things don't seem to be Pullen the right way after haviug run the Gauntett so long. - Milan Leader. The Lads' Aid Society, of the Ypsiauti Presbyterian church, will be offioered next year as follows: President, Ars. Louisa Skinner; vice president, Mrs. Wm. Waiizer; secretary, Mrs. Harow Wells; treasnrer, Mrs. D. C. Batchelder. While W. H. Weed, of Geddes, was riving into Ypsilanti on Thursday vaning of last week, his norse was truck by a live electric wire belonging ;o the Telephone Company and intantly killed. Moral. Do yonr drivng into Ann Arbor. Mrs. Jane R. Lyndon, who died in 'lymoutb, and was bnried there Jone 6, was born in Scio township, this onnty, Ootober 1, 1829, and resided bere with her parents nntil her mariage with Samuel Lyndon, of Cantón, n 184!). She was a sister of GeorgeA. nd' Henry E. Peters. She leaves a on and two daughters. Two young ladies, students at the Ncrmal and ceneervatory, were detected tealing flowers in the yard of a Hamilon st., Ypsilanti, resident, Saturday vening. The irate resident gave them a hot chase. He finally oaught one and irought her forcibly home with hirn. Jer mortification was thought to be ufficient pnnishment. Much flowertealing has been done in Ypsilanti this 'ear, but it has generally been charged o small boys. The following are the officers of the Saline Arbeiter ünterstuetznngs Verein or the eusuing year : President, Samuel Josenhans; vice president, George chid; secreiary, John George Ehnis; reasurer, Andreas Lindenschmidt; physioian, Dr. C. F. ünterkircher ; oolor bearer, Wlllam Derendinger; trustees, George A. Lindenschmidt, John Lutz, M. Rentschler, Fred Weissinger, and aoob Visel; park committee A. Alber, W. Derendinger and M. F. Alber. The erein is in good financial condition. Au editor in a ueighboring town is mourning the loss of two subsoribers. Number one wrote asking how to rear ;wins safely, while the other wanted to mow how to rid his orchard of grassloppers The answers went forward by be next mail, but by some acoident he ransposed them in the wrong ■ that the man with the twins i eived to his inquiry: "Cover tbem ver with straw and set flre to it, and be litle pests after jumping about in he flames for a few minutes, will i peedily be settled." The man plagued ] with grasshoppers was told to "give I astor oil and rub their gums with a i one."- Ex. j The ceinetery at Stony Creek has j been iruproved. Strawberries sold in Milan last week for 4 cents a quart. Some Superior farmers have planted j their corn three times. The Maocabee picnic at Portáge lake was not very largely attended. The Dexter gradnating class next year will number at least a dozen. Several new summer cottages will be pnt np on Base and Portage lakes. The Suuday school at Ypsilanti plains celébrate Children's day next Sunday. The Whitmore Lake ticket agent had his money drawer robbed the other day. The Dexter band give their first concert in the Dexter park, Satnrday evening. The Saline Maccabees held a social at the Hartnou house last Saturday evening. Supervisor Preston, of Grass Lake towuship, will be the next postmaster of Grass Lake. It is said that the prospceta are excellent for the erection of an electric light plant in Dexter. Mr. and Mrs. Mat Barley, of Chicago, are spending a couple of weeks of their bridal trip at Mr. Barley's mother's in Dexter. Mrs. E. P. Allen and Miss Kellie Pomeroy, of Ypslianti, leave June 29 for San Francisco, Cal., to attend the ï. P. S. C. E. convention. Renben Gauntlett, a little Milan boy, jumped off the rear end of an ice wagon last week Tuesday only to be run over by a buggy, severely bruising hhn. Ypsilanti makes a brave attempt to enforce her ordinance against tacking signs on posts, and semi-oocasionally her justices proflt by the ordinanctj. A wren made its home in the pockets of Horaoe Smith's coat while it was hanging in his barn in Plymoutb, and hatched out a brood of six little ones. One of the Fourth of July attractions at the Fowlerville celebration will be a dwarf 28 iuchea high and 32 years old wbo will ride a bicycle in the parade' The children of the Ypsilanti training school f rom 12 to 13 years uf age acced the "Merchant of Venice" in a very creditable nianner last Thursday afternoon. The 72d birthdayof R. VV. McClain, of Dexter, was celebrated by a surprise party of his friends last week, who lefl him a handsotne chair as a reminder o) their visit. Mrs. Wm. Gunn, of Ypsilanti, had Wm. Gnnn arrested at Jackson, bnt od Satnrday she concluded he was a better Guun than she thought he was and the case was dropped. The annual anniverasry sermón before the Maccabees of Clinton will be delivered by Rev. Mr. Deyo, of Britton, at the Clinton town hall at 2 o'clock next Sunday afternoon. Andrew Wilkinson exhibits in Dodge's jewelry store iu Ypsilanti a watch 200years old, the hands of which are tutued by a minóte chain similar to the bicyole chain of today. Cats were responsible for a flre in Ypsilanti by wbieh a barn belonging to Wm. Dolbee was bumed. A lanteru was overturned wbile Dolbee was hunting for tbey howliug cats He got 30 insnracce. A stranger coming into Saline wonld be at a loss for a time to lócate soiue of our firms. On nearly every street ruay be found signs or awnings beariug the name of some former proprietor who has for some time been located elsewhere or out of business entirely. - Saline Observer. The ladies' literary society of Bridgewater has elected the following ofScers: President, Mrs. Thomas Van Gieson ; vice-president, Mrs. LaMarBrown; secretary, Miss Della Benham; program committee, Mrs. Colnmbus Anlls and Mrs. LaMar Brown. They held a meeting at Mrs. James Benham 's yesterday. Lyman Galpin, of Superior, reoently met witb an accident which destroyed the sight of one eye and injnred the other eye. He was spraying his orchard with a solution of blue vitriol and lime, when the sprayer became clogged np, and -when Mr. Galpin attempted to fix it, he received the contents of the nozzle in his face. A Colnmbian League, insarance lodge, has been organized in Saline with the following ofïicers: Commander, S. T. Pairbank; provost, Theodore Hill; warden, George Borkhart; chaplain, Rev. Mr. Leith; notary, Geo. R. Lutz; treasurer, Henry Lindenschmidt ; messenger, C. Bnrkhart; inside guardián, Walter Thorn ; oatside guardián, Wm. Brainard; trustees, E. C. Hill, C. F. ünterkircher, Geo. Burkhart. Among the Detroit teachers for next year are tbe following Ypsilanti people : Barstow school, Lean Spencer, f55 per month; Mabel Levens, $70; Brownaon school, Francés Kief, $70; Dickineon school, Lillie S. Hunt, $70; Cass school, Emma MoN'eil, $70; Lincoln school, principal, J. Eugene Bassett, $90 ; Oakland school, principal, Sara Whifcley. $77.50; Potter school, principal, Donald C. Gordon, $85 ; Preston school, Nellie Loomis, $(55; VanDyke school, Florence Geer, $55. - Ypsilanti an. Rut for the women church matters and church worship would wiggle aleng slow-coaoh fashion. At a saered service in this village last Sunclay there was respousive reading, and it was notable that no masouline voioe participated therein. There was a sort of faint, fragiaentary monotone in the volume of sound indicating that some single member of the sterner sex was balf a mind to join in, but feit timid for want of like oompany. In the early days of the churoh women oounted for little or nothing in its services; today but for her its doors, we have half a mind to say, might as well be olosed. - Grass Lake News. Children's day was observed last Snnday in the Webster Congregational chnrch. The east river road in Webster bas been iruproved by the farmers liviug along it. Miss Emma Ahnemiller, of Chelsea, has gone to Chicago to keep house for her brothers. Louis Yager, of Lima, has presented lus neice Miss Mabel Yager, with a fine Chickering piano. The Ypsilantian boasts that Ypsilanti bas street signs and is not obliged to drink river water. A Sunday school was organized at :he Birkett ohurch last Sunday by the Dexter Baptist church. Prof. A. D. DeWitt, of Dexter, has 3eeu re-elected president of the Washunaw county teachers' association. Postmaster Burkhart is now in ful! charge of the Saline postofflce and will ick the staraps for any whomay apply. The Ypsilantian dubs Seward üramer, the Ypsilanti local on the Washtenaw Times, one of "theoatside jarties living here. " Dan E. Hoy, of Dexter, was badly dcked in the face by a horse recently, a wound a couple of inches in length being made throngh bis right cheek. At the Germán Daycelebration, held bis summer in Dexter, the addresses will be by Louis J. Lisemer in English and Carlos Hill, of the HausfreundPost, in Gertnan. Arthnr Bradley, of Clinton, is now acting as mailing olerk in the Ypsilanti postoffice in place of Harry Wheeler, wbo bas joined the riilway mail force n the upper península. The Dexter Maocabees held commemorative exeroises in the opera honse last Sunday and afterwards decorated the graves of deceased brothers. The Chelsea tent assisted in the exeroises. The farmers along the Saline road east of Clinton, are awakening to the importance of bettering the condition of the roads and are beooming iuterested in the "good roads movement, " which has already been oomrnenced with good resnlfs by onr wbeelrnen and business men. These farmers recently offered to fnrnish teams and draw the gravel, providing the Clinton people would fnrnish the money with which to bny the gravel and pay the shovelers, and said the offer would hold good for all the gravel the wheelmen wonld be able to furnish. The proposition was accepted and money enough has already been raised to warrant fchem in comraeDcing the work. It is proposed toraise money enough to buy all the gravel needed to make good the first five miles of the