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It Is a Woman's PrerogativO and She Uses It. Tlmely Questions and Prompt Answerg Have Kesulted in Grcat Satisfaction to Many Women. Sensitive women hate to ask their physicians those delicate questions thai only a woman understands, and there fore write to Mrs. 'iíri-s Pinkham, at Lynn, Cüá Mass. , as she has yL) íjr kJ ever proved jáflp 'jhJL cúrate ad viser, ly fc H b and knowinjj Smmt 'SHB HnJthat their C ' 7" letters will be read v-v - {' and answered by one of their own sex. Thousands of such letters have been received within a few rnonths from those afflicted with the various forms of female diseases and it is needless to say the answers have brought comfort and relief. That sense of dragging in the groin dull pains in small of back, retention suppression of menses. bearing-down pains, headache, nervousness, blues etc. , are symptoms that require prompl measures. The cure is, in most cases, rapid. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound should be promptly taken, anc Mrs. Pinkham wijl furnish any advice required, free. Foilowing is another letter of thanks : - "Please accept my thanks for the tlittle book which you have miSt) sent me. H hasopened tj my eyes, and told ypAS-CZ me that there is a f ' Ap remedy for sufferJJ, Aw ing women. There jir-Kpjl is no need for lflrV'IS' women to sufW' tv yvÊL fer, if they will jj jÉjl only take Lvdia il Wk Piukham's II I ni Vegetable Com Y fered for years y l J with painfu] i menstruation, Jpr thinking there L-_s' was no remedy for it ; but after reading your little pamphlet, I thought I would give your medicine a trial, and it is wonderful how quickly it relieved me. I recommend it for all women who sufBer with painful menstruation." - Mrs. George Nehkboss, Crittendon, Erie Co.. N. T.


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