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Mr. Shnte, of Ypsilanti, recently served a flsh supper. All were delighted. There are dams without fish ohutes, but hete was a fish Shute with ont a damn. ünole Gus Peters, of Scio, peach grower and populist, prophesies that not a bushei of peaohes will be grown in Washtenaw, this year. It is thought, however, that Mr. Peters' judgment was racked some years ago by his defeat for oougress. Willis Baldwin, once of Milan, went to Chicago and staid tbere 25 years without ooming back. He visited Milan last week. When he left the towu for the west, the editor of the Leader was a oherry-stealing kid with a stone-bruise on his heel. The Sentinel finds fault with Senator Campbell's oourse in the legislature, but commends that of Representativo Campbell. The Sentinel evidently believes tbat there is a differenoe in Campbells. - Anu Arbor Courier. O, yes; they differ according to the lise of the hutnp, and the higher the hump, the harder the thump. Washtenaw is justly celebrated for the number of its divorces. A sensational oase is in court over there, wherein, a Ypsilanti husband snes for infidelity, and testifies that his wife feil in love with a doctor, and kisaed bim more than 100 times in the nusband's presenoe. The remarkable thing in this instance is that a case of love in Ypsilanti should last so long as 100 kisses. The Dextor Leader announces that the house of representatives passed the Foote-Sawyer bilí, permitting a probate jadge to secretly marry any woman who makes oath that owing to circumstances, her first child will be illegitimate.if the marriage fails to occur. Wonder if that bilí became a law? If so, then, by Hoky Smith ! more than one judge of probate will find himself in hot ashes, for bigamy. The Register states that the government of Ann Arbor is at legal war with Citizen Hunter, to oompel him to abate a pond on his premises. Let Hunter abolish his pond, and by humbly petitioniug, perhaps the authorities will let him fish for "wigglers", in the rain barrel. Angling for suokers in the water works reservoir is forbidden by the board of health, on the gronnd that the water being impregnated with kerosene, the flsh are unwholesome. Rev. Bouck, of Milan, while crossing the river bridge on bis wheel, failed to keep it in the "straight and narrow way" and the gospal outfit went over the side-rail. Remeinbering that which was written by the apostle - what's his name? - that "God helps those who help themelves, " the preacher promptly grabbed the rail with both hands and his teeth and let the bike go to - the river below, whenoe it was fished out uninjured. He preaohed last Sunday from the text: "Pride goeth before destrnction and a haughty spirit before afall." A fake, pretending to be a railroad man, invenied a time table advertising soheme at Grand Rapids, secured several hnndred dollars aod disapp3ared. Thereupon, saya the Ann Arbor Argns, the .Business Men's Assooiation "deoided to advertise hereafter, ouly iu tbe newspapers. " Hm! Should this idea beoome general, wonldn't the rocks, barns and fences look lonesome withont the beautiful daubs, setting forth "Pizen's Pain Cure." "Bonnott's Sassperilla," "Rough on Republioaus," etc? and yet there be those, who are so in the practioe of being swindled by "dodger" frauds, that, denied this privilege, wonld willingly give np $20 to a street jowelry snide, for a five cent Guatamala "gold" chain, in order toget a good night's rest.


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