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Prof. Wenley made a great hit by his con...

Prof. Wenley made a great hit by his con... image
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Prof. Wenley made a great hit by his conirneDceruent address iu Ypsianti this week, wbich proved one of the inos notable addresses of the kiud ever de livered there. Detroit is about to pass a bicycle or diuance. Let Aun Arbor not follow, bat lead. The bicycle is here to stay and a bicycle ordinance is jnst asueceseary as any other. The first mayor oí Greater New York sbould be a democrat. It bas been proven over and over again that a deruocratio administration is less apt to be an extravagant one than a repnblioan. Let every reader of the Argns show his or her patriotism by joining in the celebration of the 121st anniversary of American Independence in Ann Arbor this year. All will have a good time and all should rally round the old flag once more. Mark Hanna coutrolled the Ohio state convention and the Foraker faotion was ■downed. The men, who have the loaves and fishes to distribute, win out, but wheu those loaves and fishes are given out, then the men who did not get or distribute loaves and fishes jomp into control. The mayor's veto of the new tele phone oompany's bond approved by the council Monday night has considerable merit back of it. The bond was absolntely wortbless, being simply the proruise of a company without a cent's worth of property in the city, to ensure certain things being done. In faot it was a bond with no sureties. This is one of the oases which clearly illnstrates the valne of the veto power.


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