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They Rode Stolenwheels

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Four boys, none of whom was over 17, were arrestad in Dexter Monday night for riding their wbeels on the sidewalk. Being unable to pay their finen of $5 each, the justioe sent them to jail for 24 hours. Ñext rnorning tbey pleaded so piteously that they were released. The boys carne from Detroit, and it is believed oue of them rode a stolen wheel. One was a Wayne No. 18(53. The other wheels were Stearns, Quaker and Client respectively. Upon their release, the boys said tbey wete going to Uhelsea. The Detroit Tribune says: "The heel spoken of as Wayne 1863 correspouds to one stolen from John Kelly, a Western Union messenger, at 2:15 a. m., Monday, frona in front of the Western Unioa office. It was bought two weeks ago. The pólice have telegraphed the Dexter officers. " The boys were arrested in Jaokson and taken to Detroit Wednesday evening. Their names are Qeorge Van Horn, aged 16 years, wbose right narne is Doherty; John, alias "Shorty" Johnson, aged 17 years; Frank Lane, aged 17 years, and Charles Barber. Johnson and Lane stole the wheels belonging to H. M. Field and C. F. Ray, and Van Horn the bicycle belonging to John Kelly, the Western Union messenger boy. Van Horn will be sent to the reform school at Lansing at once to finish out a sentence of nine months to wbich he was sentenced some time ago, but which he succeeded in escapiug by getting away from the offlcer. Johnson has just completed a seütence of six months for the same crime with which he is now charged. Lane has uo pólice record. Barber was allowed to go as he owned tbe wheel on which he was riding.


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