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No-To-Bac for Flfty Cents. Guaranteed tobáceo habit cure, makes weak men strong, blood pure. 50c, $1. All druggists. limile yOy V7 2_ ' ' fík"31 REVIVO fö 'W l REST0RES VITALITY. istuay.'IJiWell Man THE GREAT 30th Day. PREKTOH HDEÏ3VraïI3-sr ro(luces the above resulte in 30 lava. It acts powerfully and quickly. Cures when all ethers f ai' YouugmeuwUlregain tbeir lost manhood.and old' EVI VO. It qmckly aud surely restores Nerrousness LoBt Vitality. Impotency. NigLtly Emisons, Lost Power, railing Memory, Wastine Diseases.and all effects of self-abuse or excessand indiscretion which unats one ior study. business or marriage It not only cures by starting at the Beat of disease bilt nï Tl ilvePTe tOnic and blood bailder, bring .?LLL h P'nk. B'ow to pale heeks ind r! toring the 8re of youth. It wards off Jnsanity and Consumption. Insist on having REVIVOno her. It can be carried in vest pocket. By mail S1.00 per package, or aix for 5.00, with a po.! tire written guárante to cure or refund themoney. Circular free. Addrees EOYAL MEDICEÍE C0„ 271 Waïasli Ave., CHICAGO. 1LL For sale at Ann Arbor, Mich., hy Eberbach Drug and Chemical Company. 4 flyB I fn 48_honrs Gonorrhoea -- n. rina (liKCharfros from thv f B urinary cireans arrcMrdl MlPlV I ■1 i.y Jantal li,lv f apsules! l"uUl J vithout inconvenienoe. V__ S


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