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Modern Medicines

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The great improvement in the present as compared with the past methods of adrainistericg medicines deserves a passing corument. Scarcely a generation ago the threat of a dose of the nanseous drugs of the day was sufflcient to suppress the worst of evil propensities in the most wicked boy. When actually in need of medioation, he was held iu the chair and gagged to exhaustion in the parental anxietv to measure the capacity of his'nnwiningstoinach with the bulky contenta of the justly hated bottle. Frequently the struggle had more to do with the perspiration than the medicine. Very of ten, for obvious reasons, the bottle broke before the fover. Castor oil was a punishment, rhubaxb was a terror and senna an abomination. The nauseous mixtures of our grandparents are now replaced by the elegant and almost tasty compounds of modern pharmacy. The essentials of the former medicines are now given in the forms of condensed extracts and alkaloids, in proportionately reduced bulk and in consistently concentrated forra. Single remedies with special indications take the place of the old fashioned shotgun mixtures. Ta biets, pellets and pills no longer offend the palate, and even qninine, the bitterest enemy of taste, now Bues for favor in sugar coated armor. The irritable stomach which denies the nsual approach to the internal economy is now diplomatically checkmated by an injection under the skin, which, althoush a longer wav round, is a surer


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