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The Infamous Wool Schedule

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The senate coruputations of tbe equivalen ca for Diugley bill rates ou woolen goods only need to be stated. Tbey make opposing argument unnecessary in the mere reading. For example, the rate is 55 per cent ou second class wool, 289 per cent on gametted waste, 326 per cent on shoddy, 171 per cent on -woolen cloths valued at riot more than 60 cents per pound, 167 per cent on blankets more than three yards in length and valued at not more than 50 cents per pound, 212 per cent on shawls valued at not exceeding 40 cents per pound, 151 per cent on kuit fabrics valued at not exceeding 40 cents per pound, 257 per cent on bats of wool valued at not more than 80 cents per pound, 419 per cent on felts of the same valué, 147 per cent on plusbes valued at not over 40 cents per pound, and 64 per cent on the aggregate of woolen carpets. The people of the United States could better afford to buy every sheep in the country and to put every shepherd on the pension list than to submit themselves to such shameless plundering -


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