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Arrangeinents for Anu Arbor's celebration of the Fonrth of July tornorrow are abont complete and they ensure a celebration which will please the senses and delight the hearts of all loyal and patriotic citizens. A salnte of 45 guns at suurise will nsher in the day aud from then nntil late at night it is certain that things will be kept pretty lively in this city. Everyone in Washteuaw county is invited to turn out and assist in this celebratiou and enjoy a good time with ns toruorrow. The parade will forrn at 10 o'clock and move preoisely at 10:30. First División - Eight military companies. They will form on N. Main t , north of Ca'herine st. Second División - Carriages with officials, invited guests and coirmon connoil. Will form on Catheriue st., ight resting on N. Main st. Third División - Fraternal societies and orgauizations of the oity. Form on Miller ave., right resting on N. Main st. Fonrth División - The bicycle brigade. Form on N. Main st., north of ;he military. Fifth División - Industrial cars. Tornj on Ashley st., rigbt resting on Miller ave. The line of match will be south on Main st. to Liberty st. ; east on Liberty t. to Fifth ave. ; south on Fifth ave. to Jefferson ; east on Jefferson to State st. ; soqth on State to S. University ave.; and oonnter maren to State; north on State to Huron ; down Huron o oonrt house. Maj. Harrison Soule vill be the marshal of the day and with his aides direct the prooession. At 1 :30 p. m., the eight bands will gatber at the south front of the court louse and play "Hail Columbia" in unisón. At 2 o'clock the exeroises of the day svill commenoe at the stage on the court lonse square, Mayor Hiscock presiding. W. W. Wedemeyer will read the Declaration of Independenoe, and Hon. J. W. Donovan,of Detroit, will cleliver the oration. At 4 p. m. , the fire department, tinder the direotion of Chief Sipley, will ïive a speoimen of modern metbods of puttting ont fires. At 4:30 will be the great balloon asoension and parachute drop by George B. Rooney. It will start from the oourt house square. At 6 :45 will ocour the grand open air band concert, on the court house square. At 7 p. m. the military dress parade will take place on the court house square. At 8:45 the fire workswill commence ascending. Besides these there will be bicycle races, baseball games and otber attractions that will be of more or less interest to all. Headquarters for all committees and all information during the day will be at Connty Clerk Schnh's office. In the bicycle races there will be four events with prizes and donors as follows: Onb ïnile novice - let, paii of tires donated by H. J. Brown ; 2d, silver fruit dish, C. H. Keys aud L. T. O'Toole; 3d, brown saddle, A. Hunter. Half inile open, amateur - lst, bicycle, donated by F. Stofflet; 2d, tailor made suit, F. Stofflet aud S. W. Burchfield ; 3d, raoing tires, Morgan & Wright. Oue mile handicap, amateur - lst, diamond pio, J. L. Chapinan & Co. ; 2d, pair uuion suits Ypsilanti underwear, Hay & Todd Co. ; 3d, biuycle snit, hose and shoes, M. Staebler. Mile consolation - lst, fishing rod, F. Biermann; 2d, saddle, Tnoker & Co. ; 3d, lamp, J. H. Miller's Sons; -tth, pitoher, W. D. Adatas; 5th, ruirror, Goodyear Drng Co. ; 6th, toe clips, F. Stofflet. There are also other minor prizes. The baseball game wil] be between the Ann Arbor Browns and the Jackson Athletic Club's team. The management is extremely fortúnate in secnring suoh a team and lovers of the sport can expeot an interesting game.


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