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Strawberries are $1 a bushei in Grass liake. Iron Creek fishernien are nnmerous and have good luok. Bridgewater celery growers are setting out their plantB. Dixboro yonng people will give a literary entertainment in the near future. Miss Jessie Aulls will teach in distriot No. 7, of Bridgewater, the coming year. The Birkett-Kleru suit over the rent of the Pinokney mili has been amicably settled. E.Weud.who lives near Bogers' oorners in Freedom, is very siok with lung trouble. Martin Smith, of Bridgewater, is marketing most of his strawberry erop in Saline. Rev. Cari G. Zeidler will close his labors as pastor of the Francisco, church, Sunday, July 4. The Bridgewater band will celébrate the Fourth tomorrow at Joslyn lake, south of Bridgewater station. John Buss, of Freedom, has been suffering f rom spinal trouble for the last eight months and is no better. Married, June 22, 1897. at Kalamazoo, Mr. O. D. Cnmmings, of Chelsea, to Miss Della Hiwe, of Kalamazoo. The Milan Maocabees initiated seven candidatos and banqueted 100 persoos afterwards on Wednesday night of last week. F. P. Glazier, of Chelsea. is having an 8-foot veranda built around his cottage at Cavanaugh Lake. He also erected a new barn. ! George Smitb, of Grass Lake, haa been 20 years in the service of the Michigan Central, and is now taking his flrst month's vacation in that length of time. James Waters, of Manohester, heard a noise in the water as he was crossing a little ditch the other day. Investigation showed it to be a large bass, whioh he struok with a stick and took from the water. Mrs. Janette A. Parsons died at her home in Saline, Snnday, June 20, before either of her two daughters could reaoh her, aged 76 years and lOdays. She was twice married and two daughters by her first marriage survive her. William Lutz, a Saline farmer, charges Fred Cook with swindling him out of $100. He says Cook appeared as an officer and charged him with selling ! diseased meat. He took $100 to settle the matter. Cook is out on föOO bail. Walter Coe, of Saline, killed a badger ■whioh had got into bis yard, Tnesday nigbt of last week, that bad claws two inches long. He broke its jaw witb a well direuted blow from a club and was then able to kill it without being injured himself. Miss Clara Balden, of Scio, is probably the banner school pupil of Washtenaw county, so far as attendance is conoerned. Although she lives 3% miles from the Dexter high school she bas been ihere every day during the past school year. Mrs. A. C. Wright, of Willow Island 111., is endeavoring to get rid of an attack of malaria while visiting her father Charles Senger, of Manchester, and other friends and relatives. Living too near the Chicago drainage canal was the cause of her ill-health. E. Root and family, of Manchester, drove to Clinton Sunday afternoon and in attempting to turn the borse between the two bridges near the woolen mili the carriage was baoked down a steep embankment and damaged so tbat it was necessary to procure anotber one to get home with. Eev. W. P. Considine, JohnjMcKune and daughter Miss Anna, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McKnne, Miss Alice Gorman, Mr. and Mrs. William Cassidy and C. McGuire, sr., and daugbter Miss E ate attended the commencement exercises of St. Joseph's Academy, Adrián, the Jatter part of last week. The annual meeting and banquet of the alumni of the Saline higb school ■was held in the opera house Friday ereoing. Covers for 160 persons were laid and the affair was a pronounoed snoeess. The principal address was delivered by H. Wirt Newkirk, jndge of probate, of Ann Arbor. While shooting off fire crackeis Friday aftrnoon Roy Wilkinson, son of Charles Wilkinson, of Ypsilanit, dropped a ligaced match in a smalKcan of powder. An explosión followed and emoke and powder wa6 blown into the lad's face. It is feared his eyesight will be permanently injnred. Ed. Freucb has sold his property in Webster to James J. Roberts. Charles Menitt died of hearfr disease at bis home iu Ypsilanti, June 24. Mrs. Foster Litohfield, of Delhi, feil and dislocated one of her shoulders the other day. J. L. Foerster and family, of Ypsilanti, are camping for several weeks at Portage Lake. Mrs. Emily Wilkinson died Friday at the home of ber daughter, one raile sonth of Dentou's. Two of the JJexter saloons fnrnish mnsio with their beer to their patrons on Saturday nights. In a game of Snnday baseball played Jone 20 the South Lake boys beat the Waterloos by a score of 21 to 15. Mr. Milo Sweet aud Miss Mary E. Thompson were married at the home of the bride's parents in Ypsilanti town, June 23. Mrs. Auna M. Skinner, of Ypsilanti, aged 34 years, reoently suffered a stroke of paralysis from which she is not expected to recover. John Prochuow died at Fraine's Lake, Jnne 22, aud was buried from the Lutberau cbnrcb, Ypsilanti, June 24. He was 82 years of age. Lew Hoffman, who 15 years ago was leader of the Dexter band, when it was one of the best in the state, was a visitor in Dexter last week. Christian Teufel, of Ypsilanti, died suddenly Satnrday afternoon. The funeral services were held under the auspices of the Arbeiter Verein Monday. The Traoy farm, at the Lake Shore junction in Pittsfield township, was sold at mortgage sale Friday and was bought in by the mortgagee Miss Eunice Lambie. The Lake shore road is widening its track way just outside the city limits of Ypsilanti. The dirt thns obtained is taken the other side of Saline to fill in some trestle work. Four members of the Ypsilanti Light Guards have received dishonorable discharges for non-attendance at driils. Nineteen inen, however, will receive medala for good atteadance. O. H. Standard, the new Dexter postmaster, has leased the building at present oconpied by the Amerioan Express Co. in that village, and will move the post; office there when he takes oharge of it. Mrs. Mahrle, of Manchester, while working around the house one day reoently was strnck in the face by a shot from an air gnn which only missed her eye by about a qnarter of an inch. The Dexter Leader says: "Wben the sun is hot and the wind is in the sonthweat, the mili pond frequently 'smells toheaven. ' Some day public health will demand that the pond be cleaned out." A new 3,000 steel bridge is to be erected over the Huron river on the "Lowell" road. The cost of the bridge will be defrayed as follows: The Ypsilaoti Paper Co. pays f 1,200 of the cost, the township of Superior gives $500, and the farmers furnish. the stoue for the abutments. Some man living near the Obituary factory was flned $5.13 by Jnstice Childs, of Ypsilanti, Monday for being drunk Satnrday night. At the time of his arrest it looked as if the Willis correspondent would soon have a job if His Jags keeps up the gait in which he started. - Times. A Piückney farmer recently listed his 240 acre farm for sale cheap with a Detroit real astate dealer, claiming it was the finest land out of doors. When the buyer arrived in Pinokney he found 80 aores of clear sand. The farmer starumered a bit, and explained that a cyclone had passed over the country two years before and deposited the sand tbere, but the deal feil through. The house of Dr. Masterson in Ypsilanci was almoat destroyed by flre Sunday morning at 2 :30, and it was only by jumpiug from the second story that Mrs. Masterson and Miss Victoria Jones esoaped from the bnrning building. None of the furniture except that in the downgtairs front room was saved. JudgeBabbitt's barn was also the scène of a sruall fire the same day through a live spark from some ashes setting fire to some paper. It did not do over $25 worth of damage before it was extinguished. (Jlaude Uorwin, of Graas Lake, was mooning over days gone by the other evoning and whileso doing mislaid his gold bowed spectacles, which he has not seen since. The News says: "His mind was full of old time memories and ocoasionally a fear of joy would steal into his eye as he dwelt on the innocent days of his childhood when he atteoded Sabbath sohool and was a good little boy." It was probably those "weeps" that blinded him so tbat he oould not see what he did do with the specs. A forum of the Home Forum Benefit Order bas been established in Milan with 23 charter rnembers and the following officer8 : President, H. A. Taylor; lst vioe president, Mrs. H. A. Taylor; 2nd vioe president, Mrs. Dan B. Seeley; secretary, C. H. Kelsey; treasnrer, John Steidle; historian, Mrs. John Steidle; orator, Arthur Conde; assistant orator, Mrs. Arthur Conde; porter, Wm. Wooloott; guard, Artbur Howe; medical examiner, Dr. T. A. Miller ; directora, H. Briggs, Fred Guy, Mrs. T. A. Miller.


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