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Wonders may sometimos oease, but they haven't yet. A Plymontb hackman feil ou a loóse plank, last week, and out a hole in his cheek. Gny Clark, of Milan, went onfc to spear frogs and retarned with his little brotber irupaled on the spear, throngh the band. They rarely go frogging around Milan without getting sometbing. A greater qnestion than that which made the Turk yawn, when "He woke to hear his sentries shriek 'Toarme!' They come! The Greek! The Greek!" has been settled. The red head of the Moslem woodpecker has withdrawn his objeotion to an Angelí visitation and the fore front of the Michigan University will sail in July. School children near Lansing, who played in the vvoods on their way home, report a stratge sight. They carae upon a naked and hairy wildmau,who had slaughtered a lamb and was devouring it, bat at their approaob, left off his bloody banquet and fled with the speed of the wind. He was nndoubtedly une of the leadiug members of the muskrat legislature, and lacked the capacity to find the way home. At the pioneer meeting in SalineWednesday of last week, Senator An' drew Campbell scored Goveruor Pingree very hard and spoke of hirn as "Our illiterate and acillating chief exeoutive. " - Ann Arbor Argus. By this it appears that the Campbell bas "got his baok up." Let him not exalt himself above the other members of the state zoological wonderland. Said the camel to the elephant, in the one-ringed circus : "The sheriff is coming to get your trunk." "Doa'tget gay," replied the elephant, "if this 'ere show busts up, you'll have to hump yourself." The Detroit Journal says buEiness is booming in Texas. Texas is a good ways off. Teil us something about a business boom in Detroit. - Washtenaw Times. The Times like the unrtasoning Jew, who during the Clan-nae-gael trials in Chicago, was pointed at by two priests in a car, one of whom remarked, "There is a representativa cf that aconrsed race who killed the Savior. " "Ish dot so?" returned Isaac warmly, adding with nasal resonance, "You dell us vat happened over eighteen hun'eid years ago. Vy dond you dell ns someding vnt happened in our day?' then with great dramatic forcé and a twist of the hand at the wrist. - "Who - killed- Cronin?" Deputy Railroad Commissioner Wedemeyer, of Washtenaw, honored the Press with a brief but pleasing cali, last week. Mr. Wedemeyer, who is more than six f eet iong', is "the tall sycamore of the Wabash and many other railroads in Michigan. The sun of his life is not yet far np toward the zenith, from the eastern horizon ; but physically and intellectually he is in full vegetation, and worth a dozen of the old fellows of his party, who think they are its leaders, but are in f act all overgrown with ruoss and mistletoe. His gigantic system, including trunk-line and branches, is in perfect order, and taken together, the young son of good lnck may b set down as one of the most creditable junior deities that revolve around the bald-headed and bandy-legged joss in the Pingree pagoda.


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