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The twentyfourtb abstract of tbe reports of sheriffs relating to Michigan jails, whicn has just been issued by Secretary of State Gardner, shows that for the last fiscal year the total cost of maintaining the jails of the state was $142, 261. 03. Of this total tbere was paid sheiiffs for board and keeping prisoners, $123,476.69; paid for medical attendanoe, $3,432.75; for clothing, $1,576.39; for repairs, $5,480.13; for furniture, $1,010.98; for all other necessary supplies, $7,284.09. The traveling and other expenses incnrred in arresting and taking prisoners to the jails, aggregated $29,909.86; expenses of taking prisoners to penal and reforruatory institutions, $13,207.47; other expenditnres, $2,530.35; total expense for arresting and detaining prisoners, $17,908.71. The cost per week for board and keeping of each prisoner in the jails ■was $4.74;. average oost of each prisoner confined in the jails, $10.43; number of prisoners coufined in the jails nnder city and village ordinanoes, 1,808; amonnt received by sheriffs for boarding city and village prisoners, $5,587.30. The nnmber of prisoners in the jails at the beginning of the year was 466 ; number received during the year, 16,423; total number, 16,889. The nnmber of days prisoners were oonfined in jails during the year was 209,815; average numter in jails during the year, 574.8; average dniation of iinprisonment in days, 12.42; whole uumber of males received, 15,324; nnmber of males nnder 18 years of age, 1,170, whole number of females received during the year, 1,099: number of females uuder 18 years of age, 128. The nnmber of males and females charged wit.i high orimes was 2,192 and 150 reppuotively, while the number nnder 18 yi-urs of age charged with high crimes was 192. Minor oiïenses were charged against 12,944 males and 867 females, a total of 13,811. The number under 18 years of age charged with minor offonses was 1,038. A total of 87 witnesses, 44 debtors and 350 insane persons were detained. The number of prisoners sent to state prison was 280; to state house of correction, 1,174; to the industrial school for boys, 177; to the industrial home for girls, 40; number escaped, 31; insane soldiers or marines transferred to asylums, 13; number remainiDg in jails at close of the vear, 458. As a rule the sheriffs report the jails in excellent oondition, practioally all having separate apartments ior female and juvenile prisoners, whilë very few have any special accommodations for insane or idiotio persons. Diokinson county has no jai], its prisoners being confined in the Menominee county jail. Tbe sheriff of Van Buren county reports that the jail at Paw Paw is "40 years old, and it is almost impossible to hold aa experienced criminal in it. "


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