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$3.25 IPOIR $1.75. L Every reader should know and understand this extraordinary offer. M It means money in their pockets. v The Farmer is Interested ! r The Gardener is interested! The Housewife is Interested ! v The Flower Grower is Interested ! WHY? f We have arranged with tho world-renowned seedsmen, JAMES M VICK'S bONfe, Kochester, N. Y., to furnish their celebrated seeds V and V ïck s Illustrated Monthly Magazine one year, which will be given to each new yeatly subscriber of the Ann Arbor Argus, upon M receipt of only $1.75 cash. y OUR OFFER IS THIS : C VEGETABLES. FLOWERS. f l pkt. Beet, Imp, Early BloodTurnip 5c ■ 1 Asters „ jr,o - Cabbage, Early Summer...... 5c 8weet Peas rc E " Carrot, Chantenay 5c Nicotiana öc " Celery, White Plume 5c Candytuft ; 5c 5T " Corn, Evergreen ]0c Balsara 15e " Cucumber, Early White Snine 6c Bachelor Button 5c 2T " Lettuce. Early Curled Simpson 5c .. 'ianthus 5c " Musk Melon, Hackensack 5c Petunia loc S " Oniou, Danvers Yellow Globe 6c Solpisrlossis... 5C " Peas, Charmer 10c Scabiosa 5c t " Parsnip, Hollow Crown 5c 7Z, t „, " Kadish, French Breakfaet.... 5c 10 pkts. Flowers 75c C " Spinach, Long Standinsr 5c ,, , , ,,, :lrul " Siiua-ih, Summer 5C vick Illustrated Montlily Muuazino one f " " Hublard ... . 5c lhe magazine has buen greatly " Salsify (Vegetable Oysters) Bc improved for 1897, and is up to date on C " Tomuto, McCullom's liybriii 5c n, mtters pertainins to Flowers, Vopre '■ Turnip, Strap-Leaf Red-Top 5c SP1!8' ' ShruOs, Roses, Lawns, f ' (Jardens, l'lantsin toe house, etc. The 18 pkts. Vegetables .fino department oí correspondence Is very C """" valuable. Price, per year 50c r THINK OF IT! ALL THIS! L 18 Paekets Vegetable Seeds as named $i.OO f 1 0 Paekets Flower Seeds as iiamed 75 % Vick's Illustrated Monthly Magazine. 011e year .'50 f The Ann Arbor Argns, 5'Z weeks, l.OO $3.25 for Only $1.75 Cash. $3.25 V Now is the time. Send your order at once to ITHE flRQU5 OFFICE, C ANN ARBOR, M1CH.


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