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Come to Aun Arbor tomorrow and assist in...

Come to Aun Arbor tomorrow and assist in... image
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Come to Aun Arbor tomorrow and assist in celebratiDg Independence Day. The Ohio democrats are ready to sweep that state this f all. Just watch their smoke. The tarifE bilí is still occupying the attention of congress but the people are getting tired of thinking about it. Business in the Ann Arbor postoffice was cseveral hundred dollars better the past month than it was in June a year ago. ís this an encouraging sign of business improvement? The unión of the alumni associations of the university is one that should have taken place years ago and will, if properly fostered, insure to the benefit of the university. This is probably the most important step of commencement week this year. Ann Arbor will hardly vote for the uniform system of text books, which is not uniform and will compel the buying of a new outfit of books throughout, without making the series uniform with the rest of the state. The uniform text book bill as passed is a botched piece of legislation. The weak spot in the public school system in Ann Arbor is in the ward schools. The high school is the best in the state and in congratulating ourselves on this f act we are apt to transfer the reputation of the high school to the ward schools, and this transfer is hardly warranted by the facts. The main trouble in the ward schools lies in the fact that the city has some in" efficiënt teachers there, who weigh down the work of the good teachers which the city also has. A bad system of eniploying only Ann Arbor high school graduates keeps out any fresh blood and unfortunately too many of the teachers hold only the lowest grade of diplomas gianted by the high school. There is not a proper system of visitation in vogue in the ward schools, so that the board is not enabled to weed out the inefficiënt in teachers. The good hard working teachers fare uo better than the .poorer teachers and some of the incentive for hard work is thus taken away. There is great need of a shaking up of our ward schools.


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