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Teil me not in mournful numbers Summer bringeth only joys; Don't girlsache whoeateucumbers.' And green apples gripe the boys? - tirass Lake News. The Beta Theta Pi fraternity held its annual banquet and reunión at the Cook house Wednesday eveinng. Y ou can get your lunch or some ice creara and oake or lemonade at the Salvation Army hall tomorrow. J. P. Sohuh bas the contract to furnish mantelB and grates for Mrs. Pomroy's residence on Washtenaw ave. Dr. J. B. Pitzgerald will introduoe a sort of military drill among the sttidents at the üniversity gyamasinm next year. August Koon is now night jclerk a the American house and commenoed hi dnties in that capaoity on Monday eve ning. The long talked of addition to the Cook house has begon iu earnest aud workmen and teams are at work on the cellar. Dean Butchins' address to the law class Satnrday evening was one'of the best that bas ever been delivered on such an oocasion. The third annual excursión of the Y. M. C. A. to Detroit and St. Clair Flats ■will take place Tbursday.July 15. Fare for the round trip $1. All the clothing and gents' fnrnishing stores in .the city will remain open as UBual tomorrow evening, bt they will be closed all day Monday. There will be meetings every night at the Salvation Army tent on the hay market baok of the jail. Also all day Saturday and Sunday. All are welcome. Moehlig & Schmid have tbe contracts for placing the mantels and heatiDg apparatns iuto the honses of Mrs. Hallook, on S. State st, and Mr. Steeb, on S. Fourth ave. On Friday evening at the M. E. parsonage Dr. B. L. MoElroy united iu marriage Mr. Albert Campbell, of the class of '97 U. of M., and Miss Orpha Brombaugh, of Indiana. Nearly 300 tickets were sold Sunday for the joint excursión of the Harugar and Washtenaw Evening Times bant to Toledo. It was a pleasant trip anc a nice little sum was realized by tbe givers of the exoursion. The graduating law class has se aside what money is let in the olas treasury for the pnrpose of publisihng a pamphlet next year which will con tain letters froru the various niembor of the class telling where they are and what their suooess has been. There is no rose without a thorn, No joy without a sorrow. The pants that creases now adorn Will be baggy kneed tomorrow. -Cleveland Leader. The Alpha Phi sorority held its annnal banquet and rennion at Grangei's aoademy last evening. John L. Riokmau, of Ypsilanti, has een granted an inorease of pension and Merrin Pnnl, of Whittaker, has )een served likewise, Capt. Eoli-rt Campbell was the only Ann Arborite in attendance npon the annual reuuion of the 4th Mich. Inantry, at Monroe on Friday last. Married at the residence of C. L. ' Beach, 29 S. Thayer st,, on Thutsday, Jone 24, by Rev. B. L. MoElroy, Mr. Charles B. Porter and Miss Irma Sanord, both students of tbe ü. of M. At the meeting of the State Bar Assooiation held in Port Hnron Wednesday Porf. Floyd R. Meohem of the ü. of M., delivered an address on "The appointing power, its location and limits." Forty-five years ago this spring Joseph H. Choate was the salutatorian of his olass in Harvard and nis son, Joseph H. Choate, jr. , was the olass poet in his olass in the same institution Wednesday. Herman Kirn, of the fire departinent, while stowiDg away a load of hay Monday morning slipped from the mow and íell a distance of 20 feet breaking his left leg. Drs. Darling and Blair attended to his injury. The Y. M. C. A. will rnn a refreshrnent stand at the Vandawarker new building, tomorrow. All kinds of refreshments rnay be found there, so be sure to buy there and help the boys to obtain their new building. The following new telephones have , been put in : Ambrose Kearney, eryman, No. 84, two rings ; Kenny & Quinlan, plumbers, 84, five rings; Arlington house, 84, three rings; Tuoker & Co., bioyoJe liverymen, 84,four rings. Orders have been issued by AdjtGen. Irish to the effect that at the coming encampment, soldiers will not be mnstered for camp duty whose flrst enlistanent is later than Jnly 1. Enlistment rolls mnst reach him before July 6 in order to have suoh men available for mnster. The Ann Arbor road is having a room arranged at its shops in Owosso for a school of instruotion on air brakes. Ten air brakes will be oonneoted under constant pressnre. To these will be attaohed ten other brakes, with their parts exposed, showing the complete workings of the air brakes. Two weeks. ago there was $50,000 indebtedness on Trinity M. E. ohuroh, Denver, Colo., of which Dr. C. M. Cobern is pastor, now there is only $15,000, the reverend gentlemen having sueoeeded in raising $35,000 in two Snndays and he hupes to raise the balance next Snnday. Mrs. Emily G. Fish, aged 71 years, died Toesday at the residenoe of her langhter, Mrs. Cora Baker, in Ypsianti. Deceased was bom in Collins, í. Y., and carne to Miohigan when a 'oung girl and settled in Jackson county. The remains were taken to ?armington, Mich., for interment. "Patriotio Day" at the Y. M. C. A. iooms next Snnday, July 4, at 2:45 p. in. JndgeH. WirtNewkirk, ainanwho is full of love for his country, will deliver the patriotic address. Extra musió will be fnrnished and a cold drink with fans will be used to over oorae the heat. Show your patriotism by helping to make this the largest meetins of the year. The national oonvention of the Yonng People's Christian ünion of the Uni versalist ohurob of the United State will meet in Detroit next Wednesday Jnly 7, and eontinoe for six days. Th plaoe of meeting will be tbe Church o Oar Father. A large attendanoe is ex pected fiom all parts of the country. A delegation of 12 yonng people f rom the ünitarian ohurch of this oity will attend. In Ootober last Miss Bridget Egan, of this city, died. Jointly with her sister Nora Egan, she left an estáte valned at $2,500. Miss Nora Egan was appointed special administrator of the estáte by the probate coart. A few days ago, however, certain heirs of the deceased carne into court and petitioned for the appoiuttnent of an administrator, and a hearing was set for today. Last Monrlay a will was found giving the property to Nora. Evart H. Soott is building an addition to his cottage at Cavanangh Lake. Bom, to Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kern, Tuesday, a baby girl. Congratulatons Karl. The first of the series of tinion Suuday evening services will be held in the M. E. ohurch next Sunday evening. Sermon by Rev. J. M. Gelston. Ross tíranger will thoroughly renovate his dancing auademy this snmmer. Next season he will increase the number of his classes from seven to nine. The Washtenaw Evening Times has gone into the bioycle path business, and will endeavor to raise enongfr money to construct a path between Ann Arbor and "ïpsilanti. The Prudent Patricians of Pompeii, a fraternal benefit assooiation with headqnarters at Washington, has been authorized to do business in Michigan. lts name is enough to bury it. Wm. Goodyear & Co. 's dry goods store bad a narrow esoape from oremation yesterday mornlng. The fiie caught from a leaking gas meter it is tbougbt. Tne chief damage done was by!smoke. JMiss Ida Fnllman, ot ttoiiy, is tne sohool teacher who has won in the Detroit Journal contest as to who was the most popular teacher in the state and will take a trip to Yellowstone Park in the near future. Antón Otto has put in a claim ïgainst the city for $250, for damages 3ustained by a fall and dislocation of shoulder June 16, by reason of a deftjcbive sidewalk, of whioh the city is said to have had due notice. The Ann Arbor Demoorat is autbority Eor the statement that a flonrishing erop of pandemóniums will be picked from the garden of the "Dew Drop Inn" at Strawberry lake at noon tomorow. How is that, Fred? E. L. J. Smith:s horse ran away on Main st. yesterday morning and before ie wasoaaght had suoceeded inmaking ciudliug wood of the milk wagon ana oattering the milk, milk cans and a box of pennies all over the street. Oar senses do not fall asleep sirnultaneously. The eyelids are first affected and shut out sight; next follows the ense of taste, then smelling, hearing and touch, the last named being the ightest sleeper and most easily aroused. The Stars will come together at Whitmore Lake on Moiiday, July 5, the date of St. Thomas' ohurch picnio. That is to say the Fourth Ward Stars will play the Third Ward Stars a game of baseball, al that time and one of the starry constellations will have to go down, sore. Tbere will be speoial "Parlor Services" at the Unitarian chnroh every Sunday evening during July and Angnst, irom 7 to 8 o'clock, led by various members of the congregation. The meeting next Snnday evening will be led by Rev. Adelaide A. Claflin. Subject, "Sorne Thonghts Snggested by the Qneen's Jnbilee and the Fourth of July." Morning serioes will be resumed Sept. 1. Elwyn G. Bisbee, of Brace, Lawrence oounty, Tenn., formerly of Ann Arbor, writes to the Argus that there is a fine opening f or a stave factory in that place for anyone who is desirous of investing in such an enterprise. He says there is an abundanoe of white and black oak timber there and a great many people from the noith. He also sent in nis name as a new subscriber to the Argus. G. A. R. Posts throughout the country are passing resolutions indorsing Jndge Tourgee's suggestion that Memorial Day be changed to ahvays fall upon the fonrth Snnday in May. The growing tendency of young America to inake Memorial Day one of sport and frolic, to devote it to pionics, baseball games, etc, is beooming so oommon that it is feared the beautiful intent of the observance will bejost nnless some ohanee is made. - Ex. The following have been elected officers of Ann Arbor Lodge, No. 26, Star of Bethlehem, for the ensuing quarter: Coinmander, Mrs. Jennie Hnghes, M. D. ; vice cominander, Mrs. Minnie Trojanowski ; soribe, Mrs. Betsy Lee; accountant, Charles W. Dosey ; treasurer, Miss M. Smith; ohaplain, Miss M. Otto; marshal, Wm. J. Sebring; inside sentinel, Mrs. Annie Dosey; outside seutinel, Mrs. Mary Kajnske; physioian, Dr. Jennie Hughes; past oommander, Mrs. Jennie Wotzke. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rawlen on Wednesday icoining a baby girl. ' The High School Athletic Association loses the year $15 better ofE than last rear. It is only $50 in debt. Tbe members of Arm Arbor Lodge, So. 27, A. O. U. W. are renested by Secorder A. W. Sorg to be in tbe hall Batnrday raorning Jnly 3, at 9 :30 a. ra. o take part in the parade. Mr. Wm. Tnomey, head clerk in the Iry goods store of Maok & Company, nd Miss Ella E. Whittaker were quistly married at the home of the bride, 17 E. Liberty st. , on Wednesday even:ng about 6:30 o'olock by Rev. J. W. Bradshaw. The Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti Street Railway Co. will make special effocts êo handle the crowds that will be in Ann Arbor tomorrow. Extra cars will be run between Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor and the faie for the ronnd trip will be reduced to 25 cents during the day. Robert Erwin, formerly of Ann Arbor, bnt who bas for 15 years been foreman of the Birkett Mfg. Co. 's pnlp mili, at Hndson, has leased tne flouring raill at Pinckney, of Mr. Birkett, and will opérate it. Mr. Erwin is a flrst class miller and was employed in the City milis when he resided in Ann Arbor. At the regimental rennion of tbe First Miohigan Infantiy, three monthe, three years and veteran service men, held in Jaokson, Friday, abont 50 veterans were present. At the banqnet in the evening Hon. James O'Donnell, a soldier in the First Michigan weloomed the visitors to the city. Among i others who spoke was Capt. Chas. H. Manly, of Ann Arbor. MeClure's Magazine for Jnly opens with an interesting account of the actual daily life in a little "Republio" where the citizens and governors are young boys and girls from tbe poorest and most crowded districts of the city of New York. Private industry and public fuuctions are pnrsued precisely as by older people in larger republics, and neglect or abuse of either encounters the same pains and penalties as in life at large. The paper is fully illustrated from speoial photographs. There are just two carriers still in the post office force who have been tbere since the carrier system was first inaugurated 10 years ago yesterday. They are George Blum and James O'Kane. Another who was one of the first four carriers was Frank O'Hearn, who is still on the force, but has not served continuously. Two other carriers, Will Baxter and Chris Donnelly, have been in the post office for nine years each. From a force of four carriers 10 years ago the business of the office has increased to such a degree, that 11 regular carriers are now employed. A. A. Pearson, oty editor oí tbe rimes, will spend the summer in Europe. The opulent members of the Jaily press are not the only ones who will have a snmmer outing, howerer. 3ome hot afternoon in August, Torn Mingay, of the Argus, and the Demosrat philosopber propose tomake an exsursion around the boulevard with, peibaps, a dip in the limpid waters of the Hurón for diversion of the monotony of travel - Ann Arbor Democrat. Glad pou did not stretoh that trip out any Eurtber, Charlie, or onr funds might ?ive out. Still, we might manage to ?et as far as Zukey lake, seeiug we both bave a inileage paid for to that point.


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