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No-To-Bac for Fltty Cents. Guaranteed tobáceo habit cure, maltes weak men strong, blood pure. 50c, $1. All druggists. V B. NORB1S Attorney at Law. Does a general law oollection and con veyaneng business. A moderate share of your patronage respectfully solicited. Office 18 E Huron Street, upstairs. rtfc "SEF! REVIVO ist íié restores vtaltv. ïstuay.pflpP'MWell Man lGthDa-1t)JF of Me. THE GREAT 30th Day. PXUEUKTOXX REMXIST Bowi'r"? Cfi8 tb &bole result8 ln 30 ays. It acts Ptmerfully and q.uckly. Curee wben all bthere fail YoungmeuwiUregain their lost manhood, nd old ne I n.?V ,Tcïly and 8urely "ores Nerveus 5 effPrtf;f ?gKMemory Wastin Di6ea6e6,nd whirh nÍí eelí-abu6e or cese and indiscretioc, wiiich unflts one for study, business or marriage It not only cures by starting at the seat oL diseñe bu dÍ "A flfr"iT'í aDd blOOd bri8" torini h P # low t l'e cheek and re storing the fire of youth. It wards off Jnsanity d Consumption. Ineist on having KEVIV"no other It can be carried in vest pocket. By mail 81.00 per packaee. or six or 85.00, with a po.l tive wrltten gnarantee to cnre or reiund themoney. Circular iree. Addreei """ EOYAL MEDICINE CO., 271 Waiasi ATe„ CHICAGO. ILL For sale at Ann Arbor, Mich., byiEberbach Brug and Chemical Company. y"1 ■ lA 1 f n 48 1ku rn Gonorrhoea - v 1 MJM and dischurtd-H l'rmn the f Al ■i ■ !lrl'""'y ornan iirri'Mcil I JMinV II M by santal .Vridy ( a,,8I,l" tflUUl Jl without inconvenience. . _J


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