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The Old Tree

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Wave not so sadly in the wind, Thou old and leafless tree, Nor sob that summer nevermore Can beauty bring to thee, That but a desolation thou Must stand upon the lea. The inspirations of the spring Long years were at thy heart. Thou gav'st through many a summe: space Grand images to art. Old tree. thou acted'st gloriously Within the world thy part. Then sigh not such a mournful dirge. Yet if thy voice must be Llke anthpms let the undertone Be breathed exultingly, For thine was not a wasted Hfe, Magniflcent old tree! Man, white haired man, if thou hast don Bravely in life thy part, If true humanity has made lts music in thy heart, Say why should'st thou at death's colc wind In grief and terror start? Oh, stand beside the grand old tree. And, gazing on its dim, Scarred trunk, lift bravely up Thy last but fearless hymn, For thou hast nobly done thy part. What more oan cherubim?


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