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Romance Versus Reality

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New England ia mucb concemed about free hides. Some of her biggest industries, especially that of boots and shoes, have been built up during our quarter of a century of free hidea. She now sells boots and shoes in all parts of the world. Taxed hides would cripple this and other industries. Her leading senators pretend to represent her and to put up a figbt for free hides. In reality they will, if uecessary, sacrifice free hides to obtain high duties on sugar with plenty of margin for trust profits. Jast wh y this is so should be a matter for senatorial investigation, if such investigation would only investígate. Fortunately for the Sugar trust, but unfortunately for the rest of ua 70,000,000 people, the Sugar trust understands well the art of making friends where they will do the most good. It has able attorneys to advise it how to distribute its sweets to politicians and lawmakers and at the same time to steer clear of jaila. In this way and in this way only can we account for the attitude of not a few prominent tarift" makers at Washington. The situation is interesting- decidedly


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