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Attractions at the Blue Ribbon Meeting. On July 13, the opening day of the Blue Ribbon meeting on which day the great $10,000 Merchants' and Manufacturera' stake will be trotted, all the railroads in Michigan will make a half rate from all points within 155 miles from Detroit tor the round trip- on all other days of the meeting from July 14 to 23 inclusive, the rate will be one fare and one-third fare betweea the same points. The management have engaged the guideless wonder, MariĆ³n Mills 2:06J, who has appeared before hundreds of thousands of delighted admirers. She is turned loose upon the track and with no guide save her own intelligence, makes the circuit at marvellous speed. She is by the records the fastest pacing mare alive, and will perform on three separate days. On July 19 the two kinds of pacerdom and of the turf, John R. Gentry and Robert J., will go against the world's record of 2:00. There will be nothing of the hippodrome about these trial miles. Each horse driven separately for a large purse will endeavor to bet the preesnt record and establish a new one well within the two minute mark. No meeting has ever offered such attraetions and Mr. Tewksbury has laid a wager that on the day his horses perform over 25,000 people will )P. on t.hfi crrnnnris These extraordinary attractions will in no way interfere with the regular performance of three races for each day, but will be in addition thereto, so that pleasure will be afforded to the different tastes of all who are fn attendance, which mearis a majority of the people of the state of Michigan. The Metropolitan Band of Detroit, and Liberati's great 5th Regiment Band of the Ohio National Guards, each of 40 pieces, will be at the park the first and second weeks respectively of the meeting to furnish music especially adapted to the occasion. M. C. R. R. Excursions. Park Island Assembly, Orion, Micb. June 19 to July 26, 1897. One first class limited fare for round trip. Dates of sale, June 19 to 28. Good to return July 27, 1897. National Republioan League of the United States, Detroit, Mioh., July 13 to 15, 1897. One flrsfc class limited fare for round trip. Date of sale July 12 and 13. Limited to return Jnly 16. Epworth League Training Assembly, Ludington, Mioh., July 20 to August 16. One first olass limited fare for round trip. Dates of sale, July 12 to 29. Limited to return nntil Aug. 17, 1897. National Young People's Christian Union of the Universalista Churoh Meeting, Detroit, Mich., July 6 to 13, 1897. One first class limited fare for round trip. Dates of sale, July 5 and 6. Limit to return until July 14, 1897. Camp Meeting, Island Lake, Mich., July 29 to August 31. One and onethird first class fare for round trip. Dates of sale July 27 and each Tuesday, Thursday and Satarday tbereafter until Aug 31. Limit to returr Sept. 1, 1897.


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